Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Unruly Radio Mix in HQ

Here's my Unruly Radio Mix in super high quality... I figured I'd post it cuz I was really kinda proud of it and it's the only all BMore mix I've ever done. Plus you just gotta have that BASS! Unfortunately, I don't have the whole show in HQ.

Here's what Mr. Devlin (Devlin & Darko) had to say about it:
"Man! I love that Bmore Shake chune...and man! Taj's Club Classic is a bonafied killer on the floor and will be played at every Rock The Bells show this summer."

Here's the tracklist again:

Rod Lee – House Theme
Debonair Samir – See Line Club
Follow Me
Bamabounce – DJ Taj’s Classic Club Track #1
My Man Chuck – Wild For The Night
Nate Day – Something Good
DJ Anonymous – U Fine
DJ Technics – Let The Music Rock
Knish Hit Squad – Now That We Found Love (What it Do?)
Dre Skull + Juiceboxxx – Sweat (DJ Technics Remix)
Griff + Booman – Pump Me Up
DJ Sega – Hurful Hornz
Afrika Bambaataa – B More Shake
Rod Lee – Jayllo Joint
Tittsworth – Broke Ass N*gga
DJ Fashen – Bam Bam

"Y'all better watch out 'cause he is fire, and people, yes, he's a white boy!"
-The Renaissance Man

DL:(thee)Mike B/Knish Hit Squad - Unruly Radio mix 31mins/320kbps