Thursday, March 29, 2007

Warning : Blog House

I would normally not post something like this as I'm sure it'll be up everywhere else if it isn't already, but this shit really gets me excited for Mr. Oizo's EP coming someday on Ed Banger.

Mr Oizo EP Sampler

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Re-Up Gang

As I recently perused my old posts to see what was what, I noticed a lot of new comments asking for re-ups.
Well, it's your lucky day. In celebration of my new ultra fast cable modem and due to the fact that my readership tripled (thanks to Stretch, Nick Catchdubs and The Hype Machine), I will be re-upping the most requested tracks from previous posts.

Please use the comments section of this post to list the track/tracks you would like to see reposted and I will be glad to oblige.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Andrew "Dice" Clay - Dice (Rick Rubin's Dance Club Mix)

Thanks to DJ Technics and his really cool History Of Baltimore Club page for hipping me to this. Apparently Rick decided that this incredibly popular stand-up bit needed a club version. Why not? It's a perfect example of how everything is better with a Lyn Collins loop. I wonder how long he had to deliberate between wether to use the "you bad hank" break or the "bad sister" break. More proof that this man can do no wrong, even when it's beyond simple.

Andrew "Dice" Clay - Dice (Rick Rubin's Dance Club Mix)

While your at make sure you peep out the sick new online mp3 store and peep how Tech is selling his whole record collection! Unbeleivable ultra rare BMore classics by the hundreds. Snatch whatever you can afford.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Armand Van Helden (I Heart Series pt. 3)

Armand has been making classic house records since the very early 90's. I mean, dude is responsible for more classic anthems than I wanna bother to list. In my opinion he really hit his groove in the mid to late nineties when he developped the sound that would ultimately become Speed Garage and was the go to guy for all the major remix's. There have been several compilations of his remix work from that time, but here's a few I had to rip because they weren't on any of em. Including his remix of Wamdue Project's "Where Do We Go?" which is my favorite of all for reasons you will soon hear. If you so desire.

Da Mongoloids - Spark Da Meth (Bangin' Like A Benzi Mix)
Strictly Rhythm 1996

Fine Young Canibals - The Flame (Armand's Ghostphunk Remix)
London - 1996

Daft Punk - Da Funk(Armand Van Helden's Ten Minutes Of Funk Remix)
Virgin - 1996

Armand Van Helden & The Horse - Ghetto House Groove
Maxi - 1998

Wamdue Project - Where Do We Go (Armand's Last Hustle In Paris Mix)
Strictly Rythm - 1998

Armand's Space
Buy Armand Vinyl

You should also check out his new single Touch Your Toes on Southern Fried. The original is hot as fuck and it features a banging Stretch Armstrong remix.

And this video for Hear My name is amazing.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Hit Squad Knish be Poppin These Rocks

The Knish Hit Squad (DJ Trident & I) just finished our first mix together entitled KELL-E'S TRIP TO THE UNDERGROUND, exclusively for the consistently excellent These Rocks Pop. It consists of some of our favorite 90's house and rave joints and a bunch of new stuff from us and the homies. It's basically 100% guaranteed not to have anything you ever downloaded off of a blog and you might just learn something. Not anything good or even intersesting, but since we're standing on shakey ground too close to the edge; let's see if you know the ledge.

The Knish Hit Squad Presents Kell-E's Trip To The Underground
(for These Rocks Pop)

and be our friend. You can listen to our new Greg Nice remix there.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Idjut Boys & Laj - Whok Tish (Twakting)

U-Star - 1996

The weather's been quite nice lately and a nice long file trading session I had with Pube$ has me feelin the African disco vibes*... Which brought me to this here 12". Donson & I first heard this on a Jason Blakemore mixtape called Give. We refered to it as the Paul Simon-y House song. Weeks later we ran into DJ Trance himself on a record buying mission in the OC where he identified it as "some Idjut Boys record". Thanks pal. 4 years and 13 mail order Idjut Boys 12"'s later, it was mine. It has that funky african feel from Graceland that I love so well. Feel the heat.

Idjut Boys & Laj - Whok Tish (Twakting)

*The hottest shit I got in that trading session was the Tango Terje dub of Diamonds On The Souls Of Her Shoes by our man Paul Simon. Since it's from Pube$ secret vinyl stash I can't post it here but I highly recomend you seek out the vinyl.

And buy some Jason Blakemore Mixes.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Dude... Finally, a place we can all go to find out what is really awesome. Super bro Eli-173 of Photocall has started his very own endeavor in this thing of ours.

Check out The Awesome Hall Of Fame.
And don't forget to read the whole crazy thing at the bottom!!! It's nerdiness is unrivalled.

Friday, March 9, 2007

RIP B.I.G. 10th Anniversary

I really can't beleive it's been 10 years. Damn. I remember where I was when I heard just like pops remembers where he was when he heard about Kennedy. Not that I'm saying they're relevance is comparable, just that it made a huge impact. As an anniversary gift, can Diddy please stop making horrible bullshit with the acapella's? Give those shits to Premo or Havoc or Easy or Buc!!! C'mon already. The new shit is featuring Ja Rule and Ralph Tresvant and swimming in crappy Bad Boy keyboard shit beats. At the least get Lil Jon or The Neptunes or Timbo to hook it up!

1st, here's a Rare Freestyle he did over an Easy Moe Bee demo, pre-Ready To Die and possibly my favorite shit ever. I got this, the best version I've been able to come up on, from a Flex CD from a few years back. Mister Cee also played it on Hot 97 on March 9th 1998, which was the first time I'd heard it.
Easy Moe Bee Freestyle
2nd is another favorite, from Tracey Lee's debut. Jigga bit this sooo hard.
Tracey Lee - Keep Ya Hands High feat Notorious B.I.G
Neneh Cherry - Buddy X (Falcon & Fabian Remix feat Notorious B.I.G.)

10 years dead and still the best...

Talking Heads - Crosseyed And Painless (Remix)

White Label - 2001

On November 29th 2006, in one of my first and more popular posts of a Talking Heads white label, I wrote:
"There were several other white label releases around that time from the same people. One of them being a sick remix of another Talking Heads joint "Crosseyed & Painless". Which reminds me... I should record that shit."

So I finally did and I still love it. What's even cooler, is that it's such an on tha low record that Satellite still has it in stock from 2001. For the peeps who know whats up, this joint was featured on both my Business Gear mix from '01 and my Thxgiving mix from '03. This track is amazingly bugged in the first place and this mix, in my opinion does the original justice, though I suppose Eno purists might be a little anti. Nerds.

Talking Heads - Crosseyed And Painless (Remix)

*EDITI fixed the skip... If you downloaded before saturday afternoon you should delete the one you have and replace with this.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Around The World

Props to my readers in the far away lands of Australia, Japan and the UK! Please tell your friends in France, Mongolia and Botswana to get hip to the game. Shout to Sean Donson for the heads up on Stat Counter.

ATC-All Around The World

Monday, March 5, 2007

DJ Lord Sear in the mix - Big L Tribute

Forgot to post this last week... My main freight train Lord Sear did this mix live on his Sirius Radio Show. A solid retrospecticus of a great rappers work. Premier said it best at the begining of Full Clip, nah mean.

Lord Sear - Big L Tribute Mix
Big L myspace

Paula Perry - Extra! Extra!

Motown - 1998

The Queen Of Fort Greene and member of Masta Ace's INC, Paula Perry of "Tha B-Side" fame dropped this gem on us 1998. To me, it's really DJ Premier ft Paula Perry because this is Premo in his firey prime. Those drums knock my block off. Paula delivers a wack hook and decent verses, which is prolly why her album never dropped. Nuff repect, but you gotta come more correct on this beat, which is so good that I didn't even notice that hook until today, 9 years later.

Paula Perry - Extra! Extra!


Got lazy and didn't record this weekend... but both Happy Hour 2 and Banana Split were dope. Here's some screenshots, imagine how it may have been.

Music posts coming so soon I swear.

Happy Hour Set

Banana Split Set

Now you can figuratively bite me... which has been, quite flatteringly, happening a lot lately. But seriously, you clowns gotta stop that.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Mo Knish Love!

Thanks to the longtime friends of the blog at These Rocks Pop for posting U4EA!
Trident and I are truly greatful. Keep up the excellent work.


Friday, March 2, 2007

The blog, she is restless.

Peep As Restless As We Are. It's Sean Donson's awesome blog that consists of post after post of hot lava. This guy is responsible for a lot of my taste in music. I mean seriously, he was the guy who said the words "we should check out this Daft Punk album" back in '96. He's been ahead of the curve on music for as long as I've known him, so take advantage of his generosity.

You should also peep his radical mix from a couple years back entitled "I'm The Debaser, So Stop Frontin." This got me thru a haggard road trip one time.

Donson The Debaser folder 1
Donson The Debaser folder 2


It's in 2 parts cuz it was ripped at 192... you gotta DL both of em and put into iTunes and arrange by album to get it the right way. Enjoy.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

All Of Tommorow's (and saturday's) Parties

Wale is an ill MC out of DC and uses alot of Go-Go elements in his shit. He's doing his first LA performance tommorow and it will be dope. I will most likely take it to the capital and drop some Go-Go gems which is rare in these hear parts.

If you wanna roll you MUST rsvp to

Wale - Dig-Dug
check out Wale


This will be nuts... A lil drinkin, then watch some sweet short films, then party all night in the cot-damn Natural History Museum with dinosaurs and such. Then when I finally get done bullshittin on the wheelz, Guns4Jesus(Adam Freeland) will be steppin on.