Monday, September 29, 2008

Back To The Arena!!!!

I played at this party earlier this year and it remains to be the best gig so far this year, next to that crazy Crystal Castles thing. So hyped to get back in there. Not only is the spot legendary, packed and loud as fuck but the resident DJ Paparazzi is one of the best DJ's in LA.

Here's what our pal Brodinski had to say about the last time I played there:

... is there anything more awesome than broken english???

Here's the video they put together fro last time:

And here's an Arena classic for y'all:
Eric Martin - Fire Alarm [Dance Mania - 1993]

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

BOC Productions - Fall In Love (Alan Braxe's Remastered Remix)

Chez - 2000

This was the first thing I heard from Alan Braxe after Vertigo. I always liked it, quite a bit actually. I think I've used it on 3 different mixes. It was much simpler and a little deeper than Vertigo and the bass line is unbelievable. Oddly enough, for all the Braxe-mania that transpires in blog town I have never even seen it discussed. Plus, I figure posting some Braxe can help get my numbers up a lil' shump...

DL:BOC Productions - Fall In Love (Alan Braxe's Remastered Remix)

Friday, September 5, 2008

A Wool Lotta Love

To love DJ Wool is to love a sweaty, loud Irishman... But it's a love I'm not ashamed of. He's a legendary DJ, a founding member of The Glass and my brother in vintage skateboard mania. Apparently, he's also a swell vocalist and producer and I get to post an entire EP... He said to post the one's I liked the best but I really liked all of them. So here it is, DJ Wool's The Star Of East Berlin EP plus a bonus remix of Gangsters & Models by my main man Cobra Krames.

DJ Wool - The Star of East Berlin (Original)

DJ Wool - The Star of East Berlin (All Dom Wrong Mix)

DJ Wool - The Star of East Berlin (Rampa Mix)

DJ Wool - The Star of East Berlin (Mike Dextro Mix)

DJ Wool - Gangsters & Models (Cobra Krames Start The Violence!!! Mix)

Plant Space

Glen VS Glen