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DJ Mehdi.

We weren't super close, but he was a good friend and I always admired him greatly, as a person, a DJ and a producer. 
I consider myself lucky to have DJed with him many times. We had some fantastic conversations and I've witnessed some amazing moments.

Hear's to the memory of our friend DJ Mehdi... A very special dude.

When I was in Paris in May: Mehdi, Brodinski and I threw a Rap party at Social Club... It was really fun. Here's some footage of Mehdi I shot there on my flip cam. It was a wildly fun night, and I'll never forget it.

A few nights later, I went to visit Mehdi and Busy P while they were playing at a club called La Bellevilleoise and shot the following footage. Crazy night, please epic stage dive at 8:30:

One of my favorite Mehdi releases, was this lesser know mixtape of his own beats from 2006 called Les Loukums, based on Dilla's Donuts album concept.

DL: DJ Mehdi - Les Loukums (Ed Banger, 2006)

You will be missed my friend...