Tuesday, January 29, 2008


So... I have an official mixtape release. It's called SPLIT and it's inspired by Banana Split, of course. It's a combination of stuff that gets played there a lot by the residents, stuff by people who've been our guests and then just a bunch of stuff that I like.
It hit the Turntable Lab's last week and should be up on their website soon. I was waiting for it to be buyable online before posting it here but it has taken on an internet life of it's own! Franki Chan posted it up on his iheartcomix blog to hype up the night we did at Beauty bar on Monday, so then I posted it up over at Low-Bee and the reactions have been getting me gassed on some Cipha Sounds shit:

"This shit is NICE"
-Desert Eagles
"Unsurprisingly, the shit bangs."
-Fresh Dipt
"One of the best mixes I've heard so far this year!"
-DJ Neoteric
"So Dope"
-Jerome Baker III (Better Than Yours)
"Helllls Yeah"
-DJ Morse Code

-Pase Rock
"This mix is that fire."
-Steve Blank
"Mike Brillz 4 Prez"
-Them Jeans
"Murdered It"
-Saul Mojica

You can download it here:
(thee)Mike B - SPLIT (79:58/160kbps)
But you should buy the CD cuz it sounds wayyy better.

So when you're down at TTL coppin... you should also pick Gina Turner's new mix entitled White Panties. That shit is banging, and these two mixes go together like lox and cream cheese kid.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Chuck Stanley - The Finer Things In Life

Def Jam - 1987

I went record shopping with Blu Jemz & Dark Alley the other day. I was hyped because I hadn't done so in months due to the move; the boxes of unpacked records, no turntable set up, etc. I thought buying a bunch of new shit would motivate me. It was true. I'm now fully back in effect and I have some real gold coming to you in the near future, but back the story.
We were digging around in the used R&B section (duh) and I saw a Def Jam record that I was unfamiliar with by Chuck Stanley. It was only $1.99 and produced by Vincent Bell* who did all the Oran "Juice" Jones stuff so I figured it was well worth a shot. Now, I may be in the minority here, but I really love that Fabolous single Baby Don't Go. I feel like it has this old 80's Run-DMC feel and I even play it out sometimes. People look at me weird... but I digress.
The point is, that beat is completely lifted from this. Jermaine Dupri literally did nothing. It's just a straight loop. Plus, this track is actually pretty rad. I mean, Chuck ain't no Luther Vandross, but on some 80's r&b shit, this bangs and you can do that thing where you make girls think you're gonna play "their favorite song" but it's just the sample. Yay for bumming people out.

Chuck Stanley - The Finer Things In Life

*This dude has the illest discography. Joints for Stesasonic, Neneh Cherry, Hi-Five, Danii Minogue and he even played the Bellzouki on Bob Dylan's 1975 album Desire.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Trident's Wax Chronicles pt. 1

The better half of the Knish Hit Squad, DJ Trident sent me 3 sick records he ripped today. Since I have yet to get the digitizing back in effect, I suggested he do a guest blog and post the tracks. I'm hopeful that he'll make a habit of this! Enjoy, this shit is gold I tell you.

1.Watermelon - Jungle Shit (Watermelon - 1996)

"I got this at DMC on Melrose in 10th grade when you could grab stacks and listen to shit across from Thomas Michael as he was listening to shit.
The other cuts on the record were club-progressive and are dope. I have no idea who Watermelon is."

2.DJ Self & Puerta-Rock - Dance Like A Freak (DJ Self Mix) (NRG - 1997)

"This record I came up on in college when I was tag teaming my L.A. head banger house collection (big up Aqua Boogie, Abstract, etc...) against my homie's booty stuff. He and his crew brought out Godfather to do a small party in Berkeley around when Assault started getting written up a lot ('99?). The last breakdown is sooo Angelina '96. He shouts out DJ Trajic (of Pants R' Saggin' fame) on the back graphics."

3.Frankie Bones - Ghetto Technics 8, Side B Track 1 (Ghetto Technics - 1998)

"I copped this one at Beat Nonstop in 1998 (RIP and RIP Temple of Boom). It was hard but maintained a dope Hip-Hop sample over the house (a la Armand Van Helden) but with a harder NY Frankie sound. I forget the song it's from* but I remember something like "Bubble large, big shout on the east coast..." Kool Keith maybe? Used to kill in both house and breaks sets. It's also longer than shit!"

*Yeah dude, definitely Kool Keith... or more specifically Ultramagnetic MC's "Poppa Large." - Mike

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

DJ T. - Freemind (12" Version)

Get Physical Music - 2003

This track is unbelievably dope. Everytime I play it out, it gets jocked. If you only have the album version, I absolutely insist that you take this. If you've never heard of DJ T, I absolutely insist that you take this. Also, if you like shit that's awesome, I absolutely insist that you take this.

DJ T. - Freemind (12" Version)

Get Physical is an amazing label and you should
buy stuff from them.

Most of their catalog is also available on Beatport.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lovebeads Feat. Courtney Grey - This Is The Only Way (Mousse T.'s Raw Mix)

Prog City - 1996

aka "...it's a vibratory thang, it's a vibratory thang..."

This track is such a classic, Mousse T. in his prime. I think I first heard it on Armand Van Helden's KTU show (96-97). It was so ill! Every weeknight he would play a set live on the radio from 11-12. Mad speed garage, french house, all the Mongoloid tracks. Sometimes some hip-hop or classic house, but mostly just crazy bassline city. This track would definitely be on the mellower side of what he might play on that show, but it got a lot of play across the board. I've heard Derrick Carter, DJ Dan, DJ Sneak and many other big wigs play this. And rightfully so. I love this shit.

Lovebeads Feat. Courtney Grey - This Is The Only Way (Mousse T.'s Raw Mix)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Paris wants to fuck us all!

But we already knew that.

Strip Teasin'

If you know whats good for ya, you'll buy Strip Steve's new EP on Boys Noize. You can get it over at Beaport and it's really fucking good. Great sample heavy joints that capture the old french vibe without sounding dated or biter-ish. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Check out this amazing new video from my French pals the Naive new Beaters.

Pay extra close attention to super-homie Regina rocking the roller skates.

Internet Crack-ups!

For an unflattering picture of me go here.

For some more unflattering pictures of me go here.

To read an interview with a madman and read the words "Mike B is definitely one of my favorite DJ’s" go here.

Also, Palms Out has shown me so much love lately. They've posted a remix/edit of mine almost every week in REMIX SUNDAY for the last couple months. Thanks guys.

We're Having A Bashment Party 2: The Legend Of Curly's Gold

As you can see... still no B-Sides and things have basically gone back to the way things were in the begining, extra random. The records are unpacked, so thats good. Now I just have to hook up a turntable and we're good to go! Until then, enjoy the continuation of the saga of random reggae party records!

You know you always wanted to hear Mega Banton over Gotcha Opin.
If not, then here's another one for your your R&B set.
This next one's an extra fresh party break that I've been rocking steadily for almost 5 years. Basically an old school booty-ish medley pon de Coolie Dance Riddim.
Here's another joint of the party break persuasion, it's got the Don Dada loop over de Bookshelf Riddim.
And finally, this is one of my all time favs. I remember finding the vinyl at Aron's Records(RIP) in the summer of '98. At the time it sounded so next level to me but now it sounds kinda boughetto. However, it nices up the dance to this day.



Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hardcore Will Never Die

Back in the day, before there was a clear divide between Jungle and Breaks, it was all just Hardcore and it was the shit. Here are two pretty heavy classics. These were actually the first two mp3's I ever ripped from vinyl; into a CD Recorder in like 2001. FUCKIN' HARDCORE DUDE!

Naughty Naughty - Volume 1 Side A [1993]

Double X-Posure - Go With The Flow [1993]

Sunday, January 6, 2008

DJ Sneak Redux

Soooooo... Due to a rather fun filled holiday season, things have been a tad bit slow on the unpacking front. I have unpacked roughly 1/3 of my vinyl but have yet to set up a turntable.
Going through my playlist of ripped vinyl, I remembered these two gems that didn't make the final cut of the I Heart DJ Sneak post. Both quite fresh in their own right...

The first was omitted because it's an Ian Pooley remix of a Sneak track. However, Sneak used to play this version quite regularly and it was featured on the amazing Green Bush mixtape or was it Harvest Season? Donson? Anyone? Also, it's a really fucking good track.

DJ Sneak - Keep On Groovin' (Ian's Fierce Mix) [1997]

I left this other one out because frankly... it can be really annoying. However, at the right time, at the right party, a Jamalski loop is just what you need to get your mind right.

Wildchild - Badboy ft Jamalski (Sneak's Ragga Dub) [1997]

They're also both from 97 and I'd already posted a couple others from that year... the most played out year on my blog!