Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays From Omar Doom

Check this shit out. All tasty 60's jams seemlesly mixed and edited together.

DL: Omar Doom's 60's Garage Party Mix

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Top Kat - Feel Cool (Long Mix)

Top Kat - 1996

This was the jam of all jams at LA raves circa 96. People would flip out for the epic narrated breakdown. I first heard it on Jason Blakemore's ACID HOUSE 96 mixtape. Track 1, side A. But all the big LA jocks used to play it: Jesse Brooks, Eric Davenport, Danny Cosmo, Jimmy, Thomas Michael, Mojo, you name it. Me and my rave crew used it as a 'get hype for the night out' track on many occasions. So here it is, the xmas gift you didn't know you wanted... That ill Canadian progressive house for yo ass!

DL: Top Kat - Feel Cool (Long Mix)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Idiot Abroad

So yo... I'm off on another lil' Euro trip.

I made a tour mix cuz that's what you do, right? It's fun if you like good music, etc.

DL:(thee) Mike B - European Slaycation Mix - Nov '09
Bag Raiders - Turbo Love (Jan Driver Remix)
Shinichi Osawa - Push (Alex Gopher Dub)
Cassius - YSTC
Classixx - I'll Get You
Donovan - Breakin (Instrumental)
Filthy Dukes - Tupac Robot Club Rock (Oliver Dub)
Telonius - DiscoTec (Zombie Nation Remix)
Tittsworth - Here He Comes (Stretch Armstrong and Jamie Fanatic Dub)
Raziek - Die
DJ Zinc - Blunt Edge
Tactic - Valhalla
Riton - Computer Juice
Kicks Like A Mule - The Bouncer
Basement jaxx - Feelings Gone - (Felix's Jack Dub)
Laberge - Funk Music (White Girl Lust Remix)
Toecutter - Best Party Ever (Rainbow Ejaculation Remix)
Fever Ray - Seven (The Twelves Remix)

Here's the schedule. If you're in any of these cities please come and give me hi-fives:

26th Amsterdam (Netherlands) - Studio 80 with Jamie Fanatic and Sick Boy
27th Orleans (France) - Orleans Will Kill New York with Rekick, Julls and Weel.
28th Oslo (Norway) - Juicy Crew presents The Bounce with Patsi Love and Chris Stallion
2nd Helsinki (Finland) - Top Billin at Redrum
4th Munich (Germany) - P1
5th Berlin (Germany) - Villa
6th Frankfurt (Germany)


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Banana Split . . . 3 Great Years

Last Sunday, Nov 1st was both the 3 year anniversary of and the final Banana Split.
Thanks to everyone who made the party what it was and to all the dj's who came thru and played. Many of whom showed up to drop sets at the last one.
Our Final Line Up was DJ Fashen, Cut Chemist, Z-Trip, A-Trak, So-Me, Steve Aoki and myself.

Thanks so much to my brothers AM, Aoki, Cobrasnake and Matt C. for three of the funnest years of my life.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Omar DooM's Halloween Mix 09

Omar just did up a frighteningly fear filled Halloween mix. Really top shelf shit.

Here's what he had to say about it:

"Here's the first of what will be my annual Halloween Mix. Buckets of blood were shed in the making of this mix. Hope all you Ghouls out there enjoy it! Shout out to my Doomberries!"
-Omar Doom

DL:Omar DooM's Halloween Mix 09

1. Doomed Intro
2. Ministry - Everyday Is Halloween
3. Human Backs - Frankenstein
4. Alice Cooper - Public Animal #9
5. Alien Sex Fiend - i Walk The Line
6. Sexual Harassment - I Need A Freak
7. David Bowie - Cat People (Putting Out Fires)
8. Comateens - Nightmare
9. Oppenheimer Analysis - The Devil's Dancers
10. The Flirts - Teenage Werewolf (I Was A)
11. J. Geils Band - Fright Night
12. Gravedigger 5 - Night Of The Phantom
13. .45 Grave - Partytime
14. Skeletal Family - She Cries Alone
15. Ministry - I'm Falling
16. Oto - Anyway

DooMed, you're all DooMed.

Happy Halloween

The Monster Mash - B's Edit

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Do Over - October 25th 2009

So I was given this date for do over months ago and have been planning for it since. I'm very lucky to have been able to play at The Do Over 6 times now. Each time I tried to play a completely different set than the time before. I felt that from a mixing and fun standpoint it is impossible to top the set I did with Cosmo Baker back in May of this year; so i figured I should just "do me."
That being said... this set contains music from MOP, Nice N Smooth, Slick Rick, Outkast, The Roots, Nas, Ghostface, Jadakiss, DJ Quik, Camp Lo, Busta Rhymes, Mobb Deep and many others as well a very funky remix of Roxanne by The Police and 15 minutes of Jungle. How the hell could this work you ask? Well... Theo Parrish played a 3 hour set before me full of amazing house, techno, disco, soul and more. But obviously he did not play any hip-hop. Neither did Scott K or TK Disko who also played that day. When I came in with the new MOP/Primo joint and everyone went nuts, I knew my random rap set would be welcomed. I played so many tracks that I've never played or even heard played in clubs and they all got great reactions. What's more, I got to play it all on Theo's custom rotary mixer and sounded right and was incredibly fun.

DL: (thee) Mike B - Live At The Do Over 10-25-09 Hosted by Aloe Blacc.

See ya next year.

Boo Over this Sunday!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

White Light Mix #12

Neoteric invited me to do a mix for the White Light Mix Series. 95 Minutes of joy right here.
You should check out the rest of the mixes too, if you haven't already. Very smooth tunes from some quality dj's over there.

Link: (thee) Mike B - White Light 12

Miami Horror – Summerfest ‘86
Bot’Ox – Rue De L’Arsenal (Yuksek Rmx)
Rove Dogs – Innocence lost
(thee) Mike B – The Do Over Slide
Neighborhood Romeo – No, You Call Him
DJ Kaos – Love The Nite Away (Tiedye Mix)
Departure Lounge feat Sor - Dep Lounge 2
Das Glow – I Wanna Wake Up With You
The KDMS – Never Stop Believing (Nicky Siano Rmx)
Blackjoy – Apollo Funk
The Bucketheads – I Wanna Know
DJ Sneak – The Mad Dubs
Siriusmo – Nights Off
Bim Marx – Ride The Rhythm
Kerri Chandler – The Invaders (The Panic)
In Flagranti – Business Acumen (Arveene & Misk Rmx)
Rodion – Athena Acid
Eli Escobar – Love Thing
WM – NMRising (YACHT Rmx)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Iheartcomix Mix + Interview

Check it out here.

Tracklist for the mix:
Guns N Bombs - Samba Death Squad (feat. Ricardo Ribeiro)
Noob & Brodinski - Peanuts Club
Basement Jaxx - Raindrops (Under New Management Remix)
Kid Cudi f. Kanye West & Common - Make Her Say (Afrojack Remix)
Faithless - Miss You Less See You More (Switch Remix)
Jakwob - Wild Pitch
Harvard Bass - Caked
The Juan MacLean - Happy House (Paul Woolford Apocalypse Version)
Riton - Who's There
Zombie Nation - Worth It (Arveene & Misk Remix)
Digital Manges - Manges (Sharkslayer Club)
Jack Beats - UFO - K-Hole Riddim Mix

The DJ AM Memorial Film

This is the video we put together for AM's memorial service which was held at The Paladium in Hollywood on Thurs September 3rd. RIP to a great friend and the greatest DJ. Many thanks to Dan Terndrup who edited the piece and did an amazing job.

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Great Collection Of Thoughts on AM

My friend Puja Patel put together an amazing collection of DJ's thoughts on Adam's passing for her column at NY's Village Voice.

Please check it out.

Thanks Puja and thanks to all the friends and peers who spoke so eloquently on the subject.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

DJ AM - Live At Moomba June 2002

So I basically tore my whole world apart looking for these for the past 48 hours. I finally found em at about 5am last night in the middle of a random spindle full of CD's.
I remember Adam burning copies for Shecky Green and I on a visit to LA. I can still hear him saying his classic quote "Aw man this set was wack... Why would you guys want this?"
Oddly enough it was one of the first times he had recorded himself live in a club.

The mixes are from June 2002 and it's him doing that thing he used to, all on Vinyl. The dope thing is that its the first 2 hrs of the night... So he gets pretty open with groovy shit for the first hour and it's perfect.
This mix was hugely inspirational for me and basically changed my whole approach to commercial club gigs. Just listening to it made me a better DJ. Hope it works for y'all too.
I really enjoyed rediscovering this.

DL: DJ AM - Live At Moomba June 2002 pt 1

DL: DJ AM - Live At Moomba June 2002 pt 2

Words for Adam Michael Goldstein aka DJ AM

First off I want to express the love I feel for Adam’s Mother, Sister and entire family. He was one of the best human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and my heart is with you all.

The last time I saw AM was 2 weeks ago at Banana Split. Everything was as it should’ve been and he played an amazing set to a packed room of sweaty screaming party people.
It was a party for The Dharma Initiative, a fake group of Doctors and Scientists from ABC’s Lost, which was his favorite TV show.
Over the last couple of seasons we had begun watching nearly every episode at his in home theater along with Matt Colon, Glenjamn, Kevin and Joy Scott , Niko Achtipes and some others. (The fact that he will be not be around to see the 6th and final season is haunting me.)
We’d spoken pretty much everyday since then up until his final day. Glen and I were in NY and had planned to stay at his place. Obviously, this is not what happened.

The first time I met AM was at the Tribeca offices of Game Recordings where I used to work. It was the fall of 1999. My friend Shecky Green, Game’s CEO, asked if I’d ever heard of this DJ AMG from LA. I hadn’t. Moments later, there he was, a 300 lb Jew in a 3XL black Dickies short sleeve button down. He had quite a head of hair on him and it was died purple. He was in NY on a lay over to go to Europe on tour with Crazy Town, who I had also not heard of yet. It turned out we had dozens of mutual friends in LA, including my brother Nick. He then proceeded to just start absolutely murderizing the office turntables. Shecky and I sat back and watched him and our boy DJ Kid Swift battle for about 90 minutes and it was mind blowing. Who knew this fat purple haired jew held so much talent.

Over the next year, we kept in touch and would hang out when I was in LA and when he would come to NY. Talking records, shoes, movies, etc. He was one of the easiest guys to talk to I’d ever met, unbelievably funny and endlessly quotable.

In 2003 when I decided to move back to LA he looked out for me relentlessly. Scored me a weekly almost instantly and would have me fill in for him regularly. Above and beyond anything he had to do.
On the occasions we would play together, I was always impressed by how each time he would out do the last. Improving by the minute. Always with new ideas and new tracks. He would go record shopping every other day and spend his nights on Gemm. And it seemed people were really starting to take notice.

Over the next few years I watched him quite literally transform into the DJ that the world knew. I saw him go from angry music nerd shut-in, to world class dj, to straight up rock star.
Nobody was doing what he was doing. He set the bar impossibly high.
By the time kids figured out how to copy him, he was already coming up with even crazier mixes. And through it all he remained the homie.

Years later in 2006 when he and I were working together on a TV concept, he told me that he had been talking to our friend Steve Aoki about starting a weekly Sunday night party at LAX where they were gonna play whatever they wanted but going heavy on new dance music and indie. It would be “house party style” with a keg on the dance floor and free for all.
I was phasing myself out of djing and had recently quit all my bottle service gigs to start focusing on the Film and TV production company. I offered to come by on Sundays and help fill the gaps when he and Steve didn’t wanna play or were out of town. Seemed fun enough, right? He thought it was good idea and we proceeded.
This single handedly changed my life almost instantly. Anyone who attended that party in the early days will tell you that the energy and vibe were unlike anything else and the love that came pouring in from the kids who attended was overwhelming. It made me into a DJ again. But it wasn’t just me. Ask Steve Aoki, Redfoo, DJ Fashen (to name a few) and I’m sure they’ll agree that this party was a game changer for them. It was all AM just giving back.
That was what he did. Over the last 3 years I’ve watched him play some of the best DJ sets I’ve ever seen and I thanked him profusely for those 3 years for allowing me to be a part of it.

Just in the last year I’ve seen him live through a plane crash, play at Coachella and perform with Eminem and Jay-Z, as well as do a tour with his idol, Jazzy Jeff. Certainly not the itinerary of your average DJ.

I could tell many, many stories about this man and how great he was. But there are too many. I can still hear him say “Damn Mike, you’re memory is crazy. How do you remember all this shit?” It always bugged him out and we would laugh about how different our brains were.

It will be very difficult to get used to life without him. There were so many things we would discuss weekly, even daily and so many jokes and sayings that only he would understand.

In an earlier conversation I had with Shecky, we spoke about how we expected him to continue to take it higher and higher. I always though he’d be the Mick Jagger of DJ’s. You know, like 65 and still killing it. Rocking a fresh pair of Nike’s and a vintage Rap tee. Still coming up with next level fresh fly routines. I was sure of this. I have a hard time accepting that I won’t see it.

This was not how it was supposed to happen. But it happened, and I’m sadder than I’ve ever been about anything.

So to my main man AM:
No Promo
True Nuff
Sho Dat

It’s a Bohemian Wrap-sody.

Ahh Yeah


All my love,

Here is AM's very own vinyl rip of his favorite old school techno jam:

DL: Coco Steel & Lovebomb - Feel It [Instant Records - 1991]

Play it out and let it ride even if they're not into it... Thats what he always did!

Stay tuned for many more AM posts.
Never heard before live mixes coming soon.

Friday, July 24, 2009

My Rye Rye Remix Re-Posted

It seems some sort of robot made my original post dissapear... so here it is again. My late 80's rap remix of Rye Rye's BANG ft MIA. It's pretty much all in the title. Bringing it back to the valley of the Jeep beats.

Rye Rye ft M.I.A. - Bang (B's Rap Remix) zs
Rye Rye ft M.I.A. - Bang (B's Rap Remix) ysi

Rye Rye Myspace
Blaqstarr Myspace

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tridentially Yours

So the dawg DJ Trident finally went and started his own blog over at Feed Me Bass. I think he probably got more post love (no homo, although in his case...) over here than any other DJ besides myself, and I'll definitely miss him.
Anyway, it's pretty rad over there and there's lots of music n mixes, etc.
I'd like to you all to play close attention to a mix called
"To Dajae, Thanks For Everything, Some Foo"
It is on some next level shit and kicks off with a remix of the now infamous "Gay Party Break" which is an all time Trident classic production.

Catch him on tour now with his band Sister Mantos.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Mid-July Mix For Dancing

Here's mix of all new music. Mostly just my current favorites in the "dance yo ass off" category.

DL:(thee) Mike B - The Mid-July Mix For Dancing

Flairs - Better Than Prince (Alavi Rerox)
Siriusmo - Let Me In
Bag Raiders - Turbo Love (Spruce Lee Remix)
DJ Sneak - Greener Space
Boys Noize - Jeffer
Lowbros - Dream In The Desert (Hystereo Rebrand)
The Hours - See The Light (Calvin Harris Remix)
Dilemn - Modern Slave
Rodion - Electric Soca (Crookers Remix)
Duck Sauce - You're Nasty
Afrojack - Do My Dance (Sidney Samson Remix)
Digital Manges - Manges (Sharkslayer Dub)
Dance Area - AA24-7 (XXXchange Remix)
Boy 8-Bit - A City Under Seige
EMYND - Hold It Down 2009

Do dat dance, do dat dance, do it.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

More On The Floor 3 with EMYND (Redux)

Yes, yes y'all. I'm quite hyped to announce that we are doing a 3rd installment of More On The Floor this saturday July 18th.
The last two were really fun. Check Glenjamn's pics:
MOTF 1 with Cosmo Baker
MOTF 2 with Eli Escobar

You can also peep some sets from the first one courtesy of Media Contender.

BTW, We now have the sets from last month! Haycock played an AMAZING set that night. You'll see what I mean . Obviously, Eli Esco's and The Bladerunners sets are no joke either. I was bugging out on the dancefloor for like 2 hours. Ask about me.
My set on the other hand runs the gamut from Disco House to BMore to Jadakiss, Mobb Deep and a very hefty chunk of reggae. I was in a good mood, ya know!

YO!!!!! Click here to DL sets from MOTF 2 with Eli Escobar, Bladerunners, Haycock, Nate Day, Tony K and myself. YO!!!!!!

I'm particularly stoked for Saturday because our guest is my main man EMYND. Last time I saw him play in LA was like 05! We're all hype to see what he's gonna drop in the werehouse. I asked him if there was a track I should post and he said I could post whatever I want so here are some of my favs both new and old.

EMYND - Hold It Down 2009
South Rakkas Crew - Mad Again (EMYND's NOLA Bounce Remix)
EMYND - Oogum Boogum Theme
EMYND - Smalltown Chavy Boy
EMYND - We Don't Give A (DJ Eli Remix)

You also gotta peep this mix he did of a bunch of his own remixes and production over at Crossfaded Bacon.

Hope to see you all there . . . RSVP to . Location info will be released the day before the event.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

THE WEDNESDAY B-SIDE(s) number 24 - DEVO edition

Dedicated to Smalltown DJ's , Matt Diehl, Vahe Manoukian, Eli Escobar and Eli-173

Devo - Find Out [WB-1982]

Devo - Luv-Luv [Backstreet-1983]

Monday, July 13, 2009

New DJ Sneak LP!

You may have noticed DJ Sneak's House Of House LP at the number one spot on my top 15 this month. Well, it drops this week. So cop that shit!

And if you didn't get it the first time around, make sure to DL the MBVDG exclusive mix:
DJ Sneak - House gangster Classics

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Unknown - Jude On A Ragga Tip

White label - 1992

I scored this one on eBay back in the late 90's while on the mega hunt for old skool uk hardcore rave breaks. It's a mighty tasty combo of SL2's classic On The Ragga Tip with The Beatles Hey Jude. It had me from the very beginning with a soundbite from Cheech & Chong's classic Sister Mary Elephant/Sargent Stadanko sketch which then echo's into a loop from one of the stoniest reggae tracks of all time, Linval Thompson's I Love Marijuana. Randomly, at the end of the track, the acapella for Tainted Love comes in kinda sideways. It's basically a combination of many, many dudeical things and is a 10 minute slice of early 90's rave heaven. Let's take it to the warehouse right now.

Unknown - Jude On A Ragga Tip

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson

I made this on the train from LA to SD today to play this weekend. A lil acapella intro into the Daft Punk white label remix into DJ Technics Doo Doo Rock. Perhaps this is something you might be interested in.

Michael Jackson & Friends - Rock With You (B's Daft Doo Doo Tribute Edit)

RIP The King Of Pop ... One of the most brilliant musicians of all time.

THE ONE OFF (no Banana Split this Sunday)

Hello friends,
Banana Split is closed this week as Bardot has booked a private party. We will be back in full effect next Sunday for 4th of July weekend.

Meanwhile, the More On The Floor crew has teamed up to bring you The One Off/Omar Doom's BDay Bash!!!!

Word Up!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Banana Split Sets from June 7th

Sets from last Sunday are poppin up all ove the place.

My main mang Cobra Krames posted my set up over at the Saintwoods blog along with a bunch of fire of his own.
The version they put up over there 96kbps so for the MBVSDG readers here's a higher quality version at 192 (for a limited time only!)

(thee) Mike B Live at Banana Split 6-7-09

Djedjotronic - Gum Attack
Crooks & Gunn - Shenzi
Major Lazer - Run For Cover
Renaissance Man - Haarlem
Sidney Samson - Riverside (Afrojack Dutch Remix)
Nate Day - Futuristic
Gigi Barocco - The Rhythm
Alex Metric - Shirley You Can’t Be Serious?
Bass Construction - Dance With Power (JDs Acid Rave Remix)
Harvard Bass - Caked
Patrick Alavi - Hell Yeah (Jamie Fanatic Bad Boy Remix)
Shazam - Pool Party 2008
Mr Oizo - Gay Dentist (Arveen And Misk Straight Gyno Edit)
Roxy Cottontail - Lets Make Nasty (Afrojack Remix)
Rye Rye - Bang (DJ Booman Remix)
Mavado - I’m So Special (DJ Yonny/B-Stee Remix)
Enur ft Natasja - Calabria (Kurd Maverick Remix)
The Proxy - Raven (Crookers Remix)

Also, for his BDay celebration, I had my homie 12th Planet (the dubstep king of LA) close out the night. I recorded it as well and it's been posted over at Media Contender.

12th Planet Live at Banana Split 6-7-09

((The man himself, DJ Kev E Kev, killed it that night too but unfortunately we did not get his set recorded.))


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

DJ TRIDENT - Society Mix

New mix from my partner in Knish... Sickness as always.
Knish Hit Squad mega post coming mega soon.

DL:DJ TRIDENT - Society Mix

Society Mix - DJ Trident
Move (Cut Copy Remix) - CSS
Cut Dick - Mr. Oizo
Baby Just Wants - Information Society
Drop The Tough (The Twelves B-Live Club Remix) - Grove Armada
Blind (Start The Violence! Club Mix) - Hercules & Love Affair
There But For The Grace Of Brenda Goes Brandon - The Knish Hit Squad
Walking On A Dream (Treasure Fingers Remix) - Empire of the Sun
Frank Sinatra - Miss Kittin
Black Flag (The Juan Maclean Version) - Duchess Says
Disco Sirens (Push Music Electro Rub) - Midfield General
Serpentine - Peaches
Big Onion (Joakim 'Slap On It' Remix) - Detroit Grand Pubahs
Sweet Night (Club Mix) - Krazy Baldhead
Kilometer ( A-Trak Main) - Sebastien Tellier
Minimum 23 - Josh Wink
Concrete Jungle - Kenny Hawkes, David Parr, Skat
Talk Like That (Dave Spoon's Televized Mix) - The Presets
All That Jazz - Stetsasonic
The Deep End (Bart B More Remix) - Curses!
My Love Sees You - Beni

Monday, June 8, 2009

Apollonia 6 - Sex Shooter (Dance Version)

Warner Bros - 1984

If it gets much better than this... I kinda don't wanna know about it.

Apollonia 6 - Sex Shooter (Dance Version)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Island - 1996

Brother J, whatcha say?
Brother J, Brother J, whatcha say?
Brother J, whatcha say? Brother J, whatcha say?

DL:Dark Sun Riders - The Eclipse Begins

Saturday, May 23, 2009

(thee) B-Day Weekend Recapitulation 2009 (+ Cosmo and I Live at The Do Over)

This year was a good one. It's been tough in many ways but I'm thankful for all my friends and all the good times I've been having all over the world. Let's keep it going.

MORE ON THE FLOOR was sick!!!!

Thanks to Sean Donson for our tite logo.

To Pubes, More On The Floor means get on the roof.

Haycock was livin the dream.

the MOTF crew (Me, Danny United, Nate Day and Tony K. Not pictured, Chris Haycock)

Cosmo absolutely smashed it.

Ever since I first met Cosmo I've wanted to collaborate with him in some way. At this years WMC we came up with the brilliant idea to play together at the opening of Do Over (though Blu Jemz suggested it on TTL radio back in October on some Nostradamus shit.) It came together quite nicely, pause.

Every year, the first Do Over is the craziest line in Hollywood.

How we do!

Sit down Waldo!

So finally, with no furthur ado... here it is:

DL: Cosmo Baker vs (thee) Mike B Live At The Do Over

Til next year... B-crest out.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Clowned by DJ Funk

DJ Funk, one of my all time favorites, clowned me at Audiotistic for not having any CD's. A life affirming moment.

He also totally killed it:

DL:DJ Funk - Booty Perk U Later[1999- Funk Records]

I guess I better make some new CD's.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It That Time Again...

... and we're going grande.

Not to mention the next day is the first Do Over of 09!!!!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Basement Jaxx (6 of 6)

Ahhh... the Junction EP. Another one of these brilliant between album vinyl releases. This track blew my mind. It comes in very Chicagoy and a lil bit acidy and ultimately erupts into full blown Jaxxtasm. It served as a prototype for the Kish Kash album track Right Here's The Spot.

Basement Jaxx - Skunkmuzic[2002-Atlantic Jaxx]

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Basement Jaxx (4 of 6)

What I always loved about these guys is that in between widely successful major label albums and singles, they would drop these amazing EP's. No promotion, sometimes under other names; but always dope and futuristic with ill samples. Here's one from the Camberwell EP which they released under the name Banana Krew. Ska House 4eva y'all.

Banana Krew - Camberskank[2000- Atlantic Jaxx]

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Basement Jaxx (3 of 6)

This 12" blew my mind. Some of the first stuff I'd heard from the Remedy LP. What these guys do with sound is mind boggling. This dub is on some freaky late night dark shit. Dance floor destruction. I seent it.

Basement Jaxx - Red Alert Dub[1999-XL]

Basement Jaxx (2 of 6)

This whole 12" is amazing. Every version is great in a completely different way. Here are my two favorites.

Ronnie Richards - Missing You (Club Vocal)[1997-Atlantic Jaxx]
Ronnie Richards - Missing You (Bumpa Mix)[1997-Atlantic Jaxx]

Basement Jaxx (1 of 6)

This is pretty much my favorite vocoded house track ever. I once heard it used in a martial arts award show that Wesley Snipes had something to do with.

Basement Jaxx - City People[1997-Atlantic Jaxx]

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dickie Greenleaf - DGV

Here it is… though I’ve broken many traditions this time around.
1. The Dickie G mixes are supposed to drop every 18 months.
In December I was hard at work on Drive By Bangers 2 which consumed most of my life as well as the Dim Mak mix I did with Fashen. I was kinda mixed out and remember feeling really guilty about not having done it, as it was a tradition I planned to uphold for the rest of my life. I still kind of will though, just not on such a rigid schedule. The whole reason the time frame is 18 months is because DG2 just happened when I felt like I had the right music. I did the 4th one just to do it and don’t like it as much as the others. It feels rushed. Never again.
(Props to anyone that is reading this, it should probably all stay in my mind.)
2. No CD’s this time (at least not yet.)
Traditionally I’d make plain CD’s with bold black print. It’s been that way for 7 years. But there’s no time to press CD’s. I just finished the mix today and wanted to post for everyone because I’m really into it, gotta keep up with the speed of things, right? I’ll probably press up the standard 200 somewhere down the line and randomly give them out for a year, as it is another one of my Dickie traditions.

OK, enough of that weird mixtape rationalizing.

My friends, here is DGV. 82 minutes of music I love right now. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

DL:Dickie Greenleaf - DGV[192 kbps]

Calvin Harris - I'm Not Alone (Herve's See You At The Dub Parade Remix)
Mr Vegas - Lean With It
Natasja - Long Time
Metronomy - A Thing For Me (Breakbot Remix)
Jake One ft MF Doom - Trap Door
Ratatat - Mirando (YACHT Remix)
Peter, Bjorn and John - Nothing To Worry About (Zongamin Instr Remix)
Dam Funk – Chocolate
88 Keys ft Kanye - Stay Up (Stoney Rock Remix)
Franz Ferdinand - Backwards On My Face
Nacho Lovers - Go On (Blu Jemz Remix)
Codek - Demo (Young Island Edit)
Shazam – Luckier
Sally Shapiro - Jackie Junior (Junior Boys Remix)
Damn Arms - Destination Part 1
Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire ( Aeroplane Pop Remix)
Sebastien Tellier - Kilometer (Donovan All Star Remix)
Black Moth Super Rainbow – Roller Disco
Mike Monday – Zum Zum
Lifelike – Sequencer
Pol Rax - Rock Your Video
Alan Parsons Project - ...Be Like You (The Twelves Re-Edit)
Shadow Dancer – Together
Low Motion Disco - Things Are Gonna Get Easier (Sebastien Tellier Instr Remix)
2000 F and J Kamata - You Don't Know What Love Is

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Represent That Blogtown (New Mixes)

I did mixes for some ticey blogs.

The first was for my main man Leo from He asked 10 DJ's to do to 10 minute mini mixes of tracks they wanted to hear while driving thru Miami. I thought the concept rather sweet and ran a search in my iTunes for the word "Miami" Here's what happened:

DL:Mike B - WMC mini mix for Leo (Direct Link)

Peep all the other mixes by the likes of Arveene, DJ Wool, Krames and more:
and here.

and then...

I also did a Live @ Home mix for the Fully Fitted blog. The dude Prince Klassen has been asking a lot of really good dj's to do a live one take mix at home. They're all really dope. Mine is all Dancehall, and is probably the first dancehall mix I've made since like 1999. Make sure you peep all of em though. They got Devlin, Darko, Eli, XXXChange, Morse Code, Roger Yamaha and a bunch more. Just peep the column to the right side of the page.

(thee) Mike B - Live @ Home pt 17 (link)