Thursday, November 30, 2006

Longsy D-This Is Ska (Authentic Style Mix)

Warlock 1989

Not much to say here. Random remix of the semi-classic acid house banger This Is Ska. Some UK shit from the late 80's. It's a ska/reggae/acid house/big beat jam that eventually has the Lyn Collins loop thrown in. What's not to like?

Longsy D-This Is Ska (Authentic Style Mix)

Thomas Bangalter - What To Do

Roule 1995

Bangalter BMore??? And no, I'm not talking about that Robot Rock remix that has been going around. I was revisiting some old Roule 12"'s when the last track on side A of the Trax On Da Rocks EP caught my ear. Is it possible that I've had a record for 11 years and never noticed such fire. On this whole EP Bangalter basically goes for a full on Chicago/Green Velvet vibe and this track comes out on the more ghetto-y end of things. Is that the man himself on the vocals?

I also included On Da Rocks as a bonus track. It's just awesome. Oui.

Thomas Bangalter - What To DO (+On Da Rocks)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I Lay By My Banana

Mysterme & DJ 20/20 - Unsolved Mysterme

Gee Street 1992

Some hi-quality early 90's Bay Area action. I remember this from the SMA skate video "Freedom Of Choice." Israel Forbes skated to it and it had me hype back then. It then came back into my life via a DJ A.Vee mixtape, "Back When It Took Skills"(1998). I got the actual record while diggin at Mondo Kim's on St. Marks in '99 for $1.99. Good deal methinks.

Mysterme & DJ 20/20 - Unsolved Mysterme

Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime (Remix)

White Label 2001

I first heard this in a Doc Martin Essential Mix from Feb 2001. There was some big WMC craze over it that year as well. Shortly thereafter I saw several copies go on eBay for upwards of $50. I got mine on Gemm for $8. There were rumours that it was a Masters At Work remix... I don't hear it. Hot nonetheless and dancefloor friendly. Please let me know if you have more info on the producers of this record. There were several other white label releases around that time from the same people. One of them being a sick remix of another Talking Heads joint "Crosseyed & Painless". Which reminds me... I should record that shit.

Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime (White Label Remix)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Benjamin Theves - Texas (SebastiAn Remix)

Kitsune 2005

This track was one of the reasons I started this blog...
My buddy Sean Donson sent me the original version of Texas, which was from a Kitsune compilation, about a year ago. He said it reminded him of an old Roule record. I agreed. So I was going through SebastiAn's discogs profile when I saw that the 12" had a remix of his on it. I got stoked and relentlessly searched through blogs, soulseex, acquisition, you name it... no go. I ordered the record through Gemm and made the mp3 this morning. Like all SebastiAn remixes/releases, it is banging, funky and chunky. He's really making it happen right now. Enjoy.

Benjamin Theves - Texas (SebastiAn Remix)

Trankilou - Champagne

Kif Recordings 1997

From the Escalope De Dingue EP. I first heard this on Eric Davenport's Black Licorice mixtape(1997). It got my attention with it's funky french filter disco sounds and won me over with Gravediggaz* samples. I heard it at many parties to follow and always loved it. My dogg Olde Toby later found the record at a thrift shop in Ventura, where funky records go to die. Although Trankilou is Guillaume Berroyer & Julien Auger... Pépé Bradock is credited on this record as well.

Trankilou - Champagne

*first day on the blog and already 2 Gravediggaz mentions.

Dark Skinned Assassin - Lock Shit Down 12"

Doe Loe Records 1995

Some very dope wanna-be WU action here. Peep my man's Raekwon impersonation... it's ill. I first heard Lock Shit Down on a DJ Tim (bay area) mixtape from summer 95 called The Nod Factor. It had a lot of ill shit on it but being that we were such WU fans at the time, me and my bro's really took to this one. Other songs surfaced on more mixtapes from later that year and this record got some decent run on Stretch & Bobbito. I decided about a month ago to finally just buy the record for $50 from some dude in Germany. Now you get it free!!! It's produced by RNS who did classic faux-WU joints for King Just, Pop Da Brown Hornet, GP WU, Gravediggaz and Shyheim as well as some b-sides for the UMC's first album.

You get:
Lock Shit Down (Raw Mix)
The Horror (Radio Mix)
Gotta Get The Creme (Raw Mix)

Dark Skinned Assassin "Lock Shit Down" 12"

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