Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bananas For The Dim Mak Community

Steve Aoki has created a new blog called the Dim Mak Community Blog which is featured on the Dim Mak homepage which is like a blog super-highway. He's asked a bunch of the homies (Pase Rock, Them Jeans, Ronsnake, Gina Turner and many more) to contribute random tid-bits and nuggets of knowledge. That's a whole lotta bloggin'.

I put up a set I recorded last Sunday at Banana Split... The mix features some tasty stuff, new and old, check that shit out.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Neighbourhood Romeo - Zamfir In The Sky

Home Breakin Records - 2007

Pube$ put me up on this label. I copped a few of their 12"'s and I'm lovin'em strong. This is a B-Side (ooh and it's wednesday, what a coincidence) from the Fairweather Friends EP which contains the wondeful Laura Winslow, which you may have heard. It's a super shmoove disco track and I've been playing it a lot... but I digress. Zamfir In The Sky gets busy with some really heavy bassline action, some nice stoney dubiness and some chunky but funky breakdowns. Get your springtime on.

Neighbourhood Romeo - Zamfir In The Sky

Apparently, Neighbourhood Romeo is a combo group composed of a dude named Neighbour and a dude named Wax Romeo. Say wassup to'em.

And you been knew you could cop the wax at TTL, ya dummy.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Best Pic Ever???

My buddy Charlie took this while in Woodland Hills, California. No photoshop or anything...100% legit.

"Yeah, I'm pretty proud of it.People just don't give a shit in the valley."
-Charlie Greene

Thursday, March 6, 2008

UFG (I Heart Series pt. 6)

UFG, which stands for "Up For Grabs", was a really dope label from Manchester in the early to mid 90's which yielded several "hits" in the house/rave/breaks scene. Ran by Danny Hibrid & Mike E-Bloc, who produced under the names Direckt, E-Lustrious, Rollin' Gear & others; they were known for some happy ass funky jams. Here's some key tuneage:

E-Lustrious - On The Ragga Tip (Instrumental) [1992]
I recorded this one a lil slower, like how it is on Jason Blakemore's "West Coast Energy 3" as well as that awesome Knish mix we did for These Rocks Pop.

Direckt - Two Fatt Guitars [1993]
As featured on some old Garth mixtape. I forget which one.

Rollin Gear - Backbone Slide [1993]
Eric Davenport used to drop it, and he's got great taste.

UFG Soundsystem - Bell-Tup [1996]
This is a very sought after track... featured on many big mixes from that time, I've seen this vinyl go for $100+ and mine didn't come cheap either.

Rollin' Gear - I, I Know (Funk Mix)[1996]
This was a huge anthem out here, heavy rotation particularly by Jason Blakemore and Jesse Brooks.