Monday, February 26, 2007

Paul Johnson (I Heart series pt. 2)

Born on Chicago's south side January 11, 1971, Paul's career started back in '83 when he was dancing with his breaking crew, E.I.O.U. Freeze and knew nothing about DJing. Developing his DJ skills in the next two years, he came back in '85, when he started to have parties where he would battle other Dj's.
(from thedjlist )
He has released over 130 E.P's himself and a vast amount of music for some of the most consistently underground dance labels before hooking up with Peacefrog. 12" releases on the likes of Cajual / Relief and Dance Mania led to his debut album release 'Bump Talkin' in 1994. This and the follow up 'Feel The Music' became two of the most talked about releases of their time until 1998 when he released his biggest hit to date, Get Get Down which sold over 3 million copies worldwide. It's in the guiness book of world records and was lisenced for more than 100 CD's and house compilations worldwide. Even today this song has an effect on dance floors when played. And to go along with all of that, he's one of the best DJ's to come out of Chicago and still packs dance floors all over the planet. This man has become legendary in our time and doesn't seem to ready to stop anytime soon. His remix work for Destiny's Child,Jon B,Ce Ce Peniston,Daft Punk,K-Alexi,Stacy Kidd, Joey Beltram, Green Velvet, Armando, Ron Trent and Steve Poindexter, just to name a few, have made their way into all the big jocks boxes (ed- ayooo!), many of which remain there to this day. Over the last 6 years, Paul has been releasing singles which all have made it to billboard's top 50 and higher. "He's a hit making machine," says Bob Sinclar "and he's shown so many artists the way. Much respect to everything that Paul Johnson has done and is going to do for house music."
(from Paul's myspace)

The following joints are some of my favorites, far from a true retrospective of this man's work. Like many Chicago dudes he has a tracky hard house side and a more disco side. I tended to lean towards the more groovy side of things for this post. Some are super rare, some are quite recognizable, others are a sweet version of the Price Is Right. As always, enjoy and buy some damn PJ vinyl.

White Winds - Crydamoure - 1998

It's A Love Thang - International House Records - 1999

Get On My Camel - Full House - 1999

Side A - Groove On Da Rocks - 2000

If You Ever Call Me - Riviera - 2000

She Got Me On - Data - 2005

As a bonus here's Get Down Method by Proper Villains, which is a dope BMore joint incorporating Paul's mega-hit, Get Get Down and the piano from Method Man.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Timbaland (I Heart series pt. 1)

I don't beleive I need to explain why this dude is cool. What I can say is that I'm pretty damn excited about this . Particularly if this is how's it's gonna be. This is also quite cool considering the throw away lyrics.
Here are three forgotten gems from his prolifery.

Timbaland & Magoo - We At It Again (from the Romeo Must Die OST) Blackground - 2000

Beanie Sigel - In The Club (12" version from the DJ Clue Backstage Pass OST) Def Jam/Roc-a-Fella - 2000

Rell ft Jay-Z - It's Obvious (promo only 12") Elektra/Roc-a-Fella - 2002

all in one handy dandy .zip file.
Tim Joints!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Are We Live?

Recorded at Banana Split again on sunday... The three day weekend was a good look for our sunday night, no doubt. Shit was crazy crackin fo sho.

Mike B Live 2/18/07

Clipse – Drop It (Les Biches remix)
Santogold – You’ll Find A Way (Switch & Sinden remix)
!!! – Myth Takes
Cornershop – Topknot (Caveman Remix feat M.I.A. & Bubbley Kaur)
DJ U-Tern – Set Your Flag On Fire
Doom Selector vs Bassbin Twins – It Takes A Theif
Siouxsie & The Banshees – Peek-A-Boo
Bravehearts vs Siouxsie – Quick To back Down (Big Black Matt Goias & Fancy remix)
Cut Copy – Baby
Daft Punk – Musique
Gang Of Four – Not Of Great Men (Phones Remix)
Lazyboy – Police Dogs Bonfire (Seadevils mix)
Eddy Grant – California Style (Eli’s Just The Break edit)
Benjamin Theves – Texas (Stunt System Expansion Pack Edit)
Annie – Happy Without You (sebastiAn Remix)
SebastiAn – Ross Ross Ross (Iiggybaby’s Fuck Me Harder edit)
Bugz In The Attic – Move Aside (A. Bruckner & Sinden remix)
Tim Deluxe – Just Won’t Do (KW Griff + Lil Jay remix)
Proper Villains – Get Down Method
The Knish Hit Squad – U4EA (sanders-trumental version)
DJ Homicide – Lady Rock The Planet
Kelis – Bo$$y (Switch remix)

I also caught the first 20 mins of AM's set... tell me this shit doesn't make you wanna show up next week cause you've been sleeping!

AM live 2/18/07

also... this kid Will puts together video montages from party's and puts them on his website Kid Paparazzi. The video he put together from last week almost makes me look like an exciting DJ!
(i'm towards the end.) He sets them to extra hipstery mash-ups. Kinda random but quite entertaining.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Friday, February 16, 2007

Sade - Smooth Operator (12" Version)

Portrait - 1985

Imagine you are listening to the regular version of Smooth Operator but it lasts a little bit longer. Then, about six minutes into it, it turns to sultry, sexy, saxy, tribal, jazzy escapade. Suddenly there you are, doing massive lines of blow with a gold straw off of Sade's tits while her bass player smiles knowingly. Just livin' the dream.

Sade - Smooth Operator (12" Version)

Animated Flyer Action!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Blog Envy

DJ's Eli & Rocktakon make my blog feel inferior. These dude got posts with like 6 tracks at time! Talkin bout Robert Plant's New Wave joints and gay hanky culture. Fuck.

Peaches - Hanky Code

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Squarepusher - My Red Hot Car (12" version)

Warp - 2001

Cause it's a lil doper than the album version... and one of the coolest songs ever.

Squarepusher - My Red Hot Car (12" version)