Friday, February 29, 2008

Bounce That Big Wide Juicy Booty

...but as we all know, after the party it's the afterparty:

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stewart Copeland - Don't Box Me In

A&M -1983

This is some funky ass 80's rock, taken from the soundtrack to one of my top 10 80's movies, Rumble Fish*. The film was based on an S.E. Hinton novel and directed by Francis Ford Coppola, just like The Outsiders was, except Rumble Fish was way artier. The whole thing thing is in black and white, save for the titular Fish, and has amazing performances from some really great actors (Matt Dillon, Mickey Rourke, Dennis Hopper, Nicolas Cage, Diane Lane and even Tom Waits!) One of the coolest things about the movie is a full soundtrack by Stewart Copeland (in the tail end of The Police era.) This track is the only one that has vocals on it. The awesome thing about that, is that the vocals, and harmonica parts, are by Stanard Ridgeway of Wall Of Voodoo fame. Feel the vibe.

Stewart Copeland - Don't Box Me In

*sorry, the only trailer I could find was the Spanish one.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Step In The Arena

Being both a DJ and an Angeleno, I've always wanted to play at The Arena. Thanks to the homie DJ Paparazzi and his sweet weekly party, DANCE, that dream will soon be reality!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Planet Soul - Set U Free (Fever Mix)

Strictly Rhythm - 1995

Some super classic cheese right here. Sure to get the all the hainas moving and the ese's grooving. This shit has one of the most epic breakdowns of all time. Unfortunately , it's a great big build up to nothing, and then the beat switches up to this dismal house thing in a completely different key. But it's not about the destination folks, it's all in the journey.

Planet Soul - Set U Free (Fever Mix)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Groove Armada - My Friend (Dorfmeister vs. Madrid De Los Austrias Dub)

Jive - 2001

I was really into GA's third album Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub). Particularly My Friend which used the same sample as Kool G Rap's Streets Of New York. I bought this 12" for the Swag remix but didn't like it anywhere near as much this version. It's some funky ass space disco laid back groove shit and it rocks you ever so gently. Get with it. This is what Eli Esco might refer to as a "pretty song".

Groove Armada - My Friend (Dorfmeister vs. Madrid De Los Austrias Dub)


As you may remember from last summer, the crew tends to throw down some pretty righteous After Hours moves... This one may top them all.
We have LLOYDSKI back and ROCTAKON (for the first time) representing their BIG FUN parties. As well as the usual crew of PUBE$, BLU JEMZ & myself in addition to STACCATO & THE COSMIC KIDS.

It's going down at:

Dreamland Loft
1049 E. 32nd st., Los Angeles, CA 90011

I think it'll open around 10pm

See you there.

Monday, February 11, 2008

What More Can I Say...

So ever since Glenjamn posted this video...

... I've received countless emails and myspace messages asking me about that track. Well, after a long wait, here's the low down:
The track was created by DJ Pataässä and is called Sweat Gunz. It can be found on the excellent new EP from Top Billin, which should be available at your local record spot real soon or buy direct from The Top Billin Online Music Shop. The EP is not up yet, but I'm sure it will be soon. The whole thing is banger after banger... BUY THAT SHIT.
If you're not familiar with Top Billin, they did that incredible remix of The Dire Straits Money For Nothing that everyone plays.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Trident's Wax Chronicles pt. 2 : The Legend Of Curly's Gold

Here's another trip down memory lane from the king of rave wax... DJ TRIDENT. He really brought his A game to the table here. 3 big time bangerinos fo sho. The Son Of Cheeky Boy is a super rare jem that I'm quite happy to see posted! Enjoy:

1. Leftfield featuring Djum Djum - Afro Ride (1995)

This track is from the Afro-left EP (Hard Hands 23T) and was my first introduction to Leftfield. It was the first song on a DJ Liquid (of Journees not Liquid Todd) mixtape from back in the day (It had clouds on the cover. I think it was called Acidic 2?). Djum Djum kills it on this one whatever the hell he's saying. The changeup at 6:00 is everything I love about House. So simple yet so dope. I had to Gemm this one for a ridiculous (read Dutch) amount, but it was well worth it to hold down the memories. Googlage shows this song is featured on a 1995 video game called Wipeout for Playstation and Sega Saturn. Hmmm.

2. Son of a Cheeky Boy - Ya Don't Stop (1997)

Got this at Beat NonStop back in the day. Dude was playing it up in the store decks and I was blown away and had to have it. I had no idea it was Fatboy Slim until years later. Funky, breaky, and awesome party track. Went really well with "What We're Gonna Do Right Here Is Go Back" off the Bassbin Twins' School Party Traxx record. I'm having flashbacks. I think I see Jeeesus.

3. Basco - Can't Get Enough (I/P Adventure Remix) (1997)

This track was so sick to me back in the day. I got it at Primal Records in Berkeley, CA which had a great music selection. Basco's huge tune that put me onto them was The Beat is Over (Everything's Going to the Beat) on Sm:)e which delivered bass so dope that it made you want to crawl into the cabinet and build a fort. This one's pretty slow so I always jacked it up to +8 for party mixing. Daftian in its galactic essence, yet spooky on the palette. I have no idea who or what I/P Adventure is.

Friday, February 1, 2008

it's all gRAVEy

Sir Graves finally sent me this fuckin' sweet ass mix he made. With it's pounding non-stop death-rave onslaught, it's perfect for late night open freeway driving. DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS IN TRAFFIC! If you do, the people in the cars around you become zombies and their cars become man eating casket's and you'll have to fight them back into hell. Though if that happens, you may just be in downtown LA.

Chris Lake - To The Point
Tocadisco - Shrine (Crookers Remix)
Bassment Jaxx - I'm From NY
Bumblebeez - Dr. Love (Crookers Remix)
Rolf Honey - Call Them Dude
Outlander - The Vamp
Olivier Giacomotto - Gail In The O (John Acquaviva & Damon Jee Remix)
Filthy Rich - Let's Get Dirty
Dirty South - Let It Go (Axwell Remix)
Dave Armstrong - Make Your Move (Filthy Rich Remix)
Santiago & Bushido - Head Trick
Armand Van Helden - Playmate (Jesse Rose Remix)
Doomington - Teenage Shotgun (Sir Graves Remix)

Sir Graves DJ Mix