Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Banana Split Hip Hop Night Recap

So last sunday, we had a Classic Hip-Hop night at LAX and it was pretty amazing.
AM, Adam 12 and I played the music

Titties was out

LA legends DJ Revolution and DJ Muggs were in the house

Adam 12 brought a matching set of hot Suicide Girls

and whats a hip-hop night without dudes and 40's?

We were at capacity by 11:30 and the crowd was really into it. And they weren't even just fronting, watch what happens at the begining of this video when Adam 12 drops Diamond D's Fuck What U Heard...

That footage is from near the end of the night when Adam, AM and I went 2 for 2 for awhile... Here's some more:

As always thanks to Glenjamn for filming and taking pics... he has lots more video from that night here

A part of my early set got recorded but I guess I had the bass up a little loud... you get the idea.

DL:(thee) MIKE B - Live at Banana Split Classic Hip-Hop Night - 7-27-08

There's way more scratching than usual here... I had a lot of Sangria at The Do Over before hand. 40's and blunts kid.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Discfunktional - L-O-V-E (Nice Mix)

Moonshine Music - 1997

Doc Martin has been one of my favorite DJ's for as long as I've been into House. He's LA's best offering to the genre and is a super cool dude who to this day throws the best underground House parties in the city with his Sublevel events (for example, last month it was Doc and Andrew Weatherall!) Also, he keeps it so real that he doesn't have a myspace page.
Discfunktional was a project he had with Dave Aude and they put out some pretty cool shit. This particular track was a staple in Doc's sets that year and I'm always a sucker for Take 6 samples.
He happened to be in Beat Non Stop (RIP) on Melrose the day I went to buy it and Mark, the owner offered to have him sign it for me. It seemed random at the time, but 11 years later I was really kinda happy to see this record. You gotta love that he put a heart on it and you gotta love the yin yang in the O... "From The Ground Under."

Discfunktional - L-O-V-E (Nice Mix)
[Moonshine -1997]

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Barack Da Vote - Video!

I Beleive I Can Fly-er

We're doing an all classic hip-hop night at Banana Split on Sunday and the flyer is way too hilarious not to post!

And BTW... I'll be in SF tomorrow night! Come out and say hi please.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Crew Be Unruly

Check out todays edition of UNRULY RADIO for a mix from yours truly... I gotta say I was pretty honored and excited when Scottie B. asked me to do a mix for the official radio show of the most official label in Club Music. My mix comes in somewhere around the 1 hour mark, but the whole show is packed full of club heat...

Here's the tracklist from my set:

Rod Lee – House Theme
Debonair Samir – See Line Club
Follow Me
Bamabounce – DJ Taj’s Classic Club Track #1
My Man Chuck – Wild For The Night
Nate Day – Something Good
DJ Anonymous – U Fine
DJ Technics – Let The Music Rock
Knish Hit Squad – Now That We Found Love (What it Do?)
Dre Skull + Juiceboxxx – Sweat (DJ Technics Remix)
Griff + Booman – Pump Me Up
DJ Sega – Hurful Hornz
Afrika Bambaataa – B More Shake
Rod Lee – Jayllo Joint
Tittsworth – Broke Ass N*gga
DJ Fashen – Bam Bam

"Y'all better watch out 'cause he is fire... and people, yes, he's a white boy!"

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Graveleaf : What's Up-dates and On The Down Lo-ad

So we've been getting somewhat busy in the studio and have some cool stuff happening. We're currently working on remixes for Time Machine, Jah Mason and Royal, as well as lots of new original stuff. Our first EP should be done soon, the A-Side being The Crusade. The B-Side(s) is/are still TBD. So far we have remixes from Scooter And Lavelle (check the live mix from the previous post), Royal Rumble and Sean Donson! There was talk earlier this evening of something going down with Acid Girls, though nothing has been set in stone. Still exciting though, isn't it? Yes... yes it is.

Also, many thanks to Missing Toof who posted The Crusade and Discobelle who posted our unofficial Fatboy Slim Remix! If you haven't gotten 'em yet... get 'em now.

Super props to Nick Catchdubs who not only had The Crusade in his May Top 10 but played it on last weeks edition of The Let Out on EVR! Check it out and podcast it here.

Finally, don't forget to visit The Graveleaf Myspace, you can listen to our newest track Party Animal! I think you'll like it. "And if you don't, then I don't want to know you...Pussy Doodles!"

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Live Noize From The Depths Of The Big Banana

It's been a while since I've posted any live Banana Split action... Last Sunday we had nothing but homies in the house and heard fresh to death sets from LA legend and Beat Junkie Mr. Choc, the house master Gina Turner and Cocaine Kid N Squared. They all kept it pretty tasteful so I figured I'd close out the night on some super loud, super obnoxious crazy shit... check out the hot off the presses insanity that is the Scooter & Lavelle remix of The Crusade!!!

(thee) Mike B live at Banana Split 7-6-08

Moby - I Love To Move In Here (Crookers Lemmesee Mix)
Toddla T - Soundtape Killing
Machines Don't Care - Afro Jacker
DJ DLG - Paramount (Rogerseventytwo Remix)
Nate Day - Ravelight Ravemore
Discotech - Thuggish Ruggish BMore
KW Griff - In The Club
Chavy Boys - Friday Nite Flu
Whirlpool Productions - From: Disco To: Disco (Les Rythmes Digitales Remix)
South Rakkas Crew - Get Mad Again (Fake Blood Remix)
Basement Jaxx -Where's Your Head At (Robbie Rivera 2008 Remix)
Graveleaf - The Crusade (Scooter and Lavelle Hands Up Remix)
Evil Nine - They Live

7/10***** re-upped*****
The original link was taken down for terms of use violation... I'm not sure why. If you're the person who flagged the mix please send me a message and tell me why, I'll edit your track out of the mix (as well as probably stop playing your stuff altogether.)

7/11***** re-re-upped***** Fuck you, I fuckin hate you.

7/14***** re-re-re-upped***** Seriously, what the fuck? I've got nothing but time and a million different ways to post this mix... It's already been DL'd over 300 times all together and I'll just keep reposting it. What exactly do you think you're stopping? If there is a track in the mix that you don't want posted, write me about it. I thought I made that clear the first time. If you're just some dick being a dick, then fuck you. I fuckin hate you, as I stated on 7/11.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Africanism - Do It!

Yellow - 2000

Africanism had many members... This time, Bob Sinclar & Eddie Amador run shit on a filtered the fuck out disco jammy. Might even be the last dope track Bob Sinclar ever made, I'm not sure though because I stopped paying attention shortly thereafter. Man, I was so down with all his old shit. I used to just run that whole Paradise album. Whatever, not mad at him, just saying, that new shit is just gross. However, it seems he has a new project coming out with Axwell and Ron Carroll, could actually be good, who knows?

***7/7/08 I heard the Sinclar, Awell, Carroll thing... not bad, not great. Worth a listen though.

Africanism (Bob Sinclar & Eddie Amador) - Do It!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Blackjoy Summer Mixtapes!

Jerome Caron aka Blackjoy is a funky-ass frenchman. He was out in LA a few weeks back and dropped some groovy knowledge on all of us. He's released music on labels like DFA and Yellow, he's a dope DJ and his edits are nasty! That being said, these "mixtapes" are truly righteous. Especially the third one which contains several of my own tasty edits... All three are really nice summer mixes spanning too many genres to list. Enjoy.

Blackjoy sez:
Parce que l'été c'est maintenant
Parce que c'est toujours bien d'avoir des tapes dans ton lecteur MP3
Parce que j'avais envie de les faire

'Cause summer is now
'Cause it's always good to get tapes in your mp3 player
'Cause I wanted to do them

Blackjoy - Disco More Vol 1

Blackjoy - Disco More Vol 2

Blackjoy - Disco More Vol 3