Friday, February 16, 2007

Sade - Smooth Operator (12" Version)

Portrait - 1985

Imagine you are listening to the regular version of Smooth Operator but it lasts a little bit longer. Then, about six minutes into it, it turns to sultry, sexy, saxy, tribal, jazzy escapade. Suddenly there you are, doing massive lines of blow with a gold straw off of Sade's tits while her bass player smiles knowingly. Just livin' the dream.

Sade - Smooth Operator (12" Version)


girraffesack said...

you keep a tight blog.

can you do me a huge solid adn repost the older download links?
I am dying to hear your live set at banana split

Sean Donson said...
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Sean Donson said...

Woops. Beautiful scene you"ve spun here. Coke, tits, awkward smiles from across the room. Wow. The Sack is right you know, Ive always thought you had the tightest little blog I eva seen.

Anonymous said...

Arrrrrrrr. The music pirate is back! My trusty parrot informed me of your Sade comments. They are quite amazing. Back to robbing row-boats.

Mike said...

Yo repost that 12" mix for mine is deep in the dungeon and i shall let it remain preserved. But i will play the file...Long Live serato.