Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I'd like to take a moment to hip everyone to a new music project from myself and Omar Doom (Sir Graves, Doomington.) We're called GRAVELEAF and are making pure fire. We'd really appreciate any thoughts on the tracks.

Check out our first two songs on the Graveleaf Myspace and add us!

If we keep working at our current rate you'll be hearing lots more new shit in the very near future.
We're working on a remix for a group on Epic called The Fashion. I played the demo version at Banana Split last sunday and it really jumped off:

... actually, so did THE CRUSADE, another track we're particularly proud of:

and hey, while we're watching videos, check out this footage from a party I did last saturday called DOWNTOWN SATURDAY NIGHT. It was thrown by super homies Nate Day and The Cocaine Kids (who's party i'm playing at this saturday) and it jumped the fuck off:

Downtown Saturday Night will be a monthly, coming back at you May 17th!

Thanks to Glenjamn for the videos.

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