Tuesday, May 6, 2008

House Of Pain - Fed Up (Remix ft Guru)

Tommy Boy - 1996

I found this while going thru a bunch of old rap records the other day. Why is this song so dope? Here's why:

"Back in '89 I dropped too much acid, rocked from Lake Havasu out to Lake Placid, while you busy braggin' on the people you blasted, I'm asking how many days have you fasted?"

House Of Pain - Fed Up (Remix ft Guru)


Neoteric said...

haha YES!!

andrea macedo said...

OMG I luuuuvv house of paiinnnn
nostalgic timeeee

Oliver said...

Yeah this is a cool tune, Triple J radio played it out here quite a few times when it first dropped. The tape I had it on either got chewed up or is buried somewhere in a shoebox. Thanks for posting.