Monday, October 13, 2008

DJ Sneak, back on the blog!

Anyone who has been keeping up with MBVSDG knows that I'm a huge fan of DJ Sneak and have been since I was just a youngster... well the good news is, I've actually been corresponding with the House Gangster himself!
He's been keeping my life pretty funky by sending me tons of new stuff he's working on as well as inviting me to curate the second room at this years Sneak's Birthday Beats, an event that takes place every year in LA with rave mainstays B3 and the homie Pinga. The line up is insane... In addition to the Sneak, we have Derrick Carter, Wally Callerio and a very special guest.

If y'all don't already know, MAJOR is a monthly after hours party that Acid Girls, Staccato and I have been building. Real house vibes from classic to acid and minimal.
Anyway, that's why it's gonna be called the Major Room, we'll also have Paparazzi in the room and DJ Shawn V. (BTW, the next MAJOR is Nov 15th with special guest Michna!)

Sneak's also jumped into the blog fire and has been posting amazing shit. He's been putting up live sets, vids, top 10's etc and it's THE SHIT! Check it regularly from now on.

In fact, his whole new website is quite fresh and clean.


Finally, here's the best part of all, why we're all here; free music.
Sneak sent me the illest of all ill mixes. 70 minutes of all classics!!! Disco, proto-house, acid... all of it. It's unbelievably dope and instantly became one of my favorite mixes... Ballee-dat.
In the words of Sneak himself, it's that "Real DOPE OG Chicago Jackin shit."

DJ Sneak - HOUSE GANGSTER CLASSICS [192 kbps - 71 mins]

And as if that weren't enough, he also sent me this Obama track he made for the upcoming election. Perfect for your 4:30am political rallys!

DL:DJ Sneak - Obama



omardoom said...

I love Rock Shartin!!!!!!

petrus said...

very cool. thanks, mike!

Tillup said...

Great Mix!
Big up from Z├╝rich