Monday, February 2, 2009

Live from HKI and hello from berlin

Hello fam... I'm broadcasting live from Berlin where I will be all week. If anyone's got any recommendations or ideas for me while I'm here, please holler. I'll be DJing at Villa this Sat for DJ Wool's BDay and am super hyped but other than that I'll just be here living it up at Omar's incredible apt and most likely running around with Subtitle.

The Scandinavian mini tour was off the chain.

Nennis in 3D

Me x The Hundreds x Cali Roots

Gotta love swedish girls

Stockholm x LA at Berns

With Patski Love + Chris Stallion
The one and only DJ Anonymous

Posted up at Stress in Oslo

Many thanks to Andreas and Per from Cali Roots in Stockholm (shit was legit), The Hundreds (of course), David from Berns, Antonia in Stockholm, The Top Billin Crew in Helsinki (DJ Anonymous, Sir Nennis, Flipperi, J-LAINI and everyone else), Harry aka HKI-Waldo (thx for the spliffs and good convo) and of couse The Juicy crew in Oslo (Patski Love and Chris Stallion) for being great hosts.

Did you know that Giorgio Moroder plays loudly on the streets of Oslo in the middle of the day. Not mad at that... peep:

When I played in Helsinki with Sir Nennis and DJ Anonymous at Redrum they had a 57 so I recorded the night. The Funktion-One soundsystem sounded so amazing, the night was unbelievably fun and the vibe was right even though we had sound issues due to some worn control records and dull needles (as you will hear in the recordings.) By the end of the night we were actually playing in Internal Mode... But still had it crackin!
If you like hearing dancehall in the same 2 hours as a 90's house set, a west coast rap set, a new electro set and a BMore set then this is tailor made for you! Please to enjoy.

DL:(thee) Mike B live at Redrum-Helsinki-Finland- Jan 29th 09
DL:DJ Anonymous vs (thee) Mike B live at Redrum-Helsinki-Finland- Jan 29th 09

You should also peep this 2008 Top Billin Megamix

DL:2008 Top Billin Megamix
Top Billin - Smell Yo Dick
DJ Anonymous - U Fine
Bounce Camp - Big Dancin
DJ Anonymous & Top Billin - Money To Burn
Scottie B & King Tutt - African Chant (Top Billin remix)
Sharkslayer - Bad Ding
Top Billin - Smoke Trees
Top Billin - My Girl Wants
Tittsworth - Drunk As Fuck (Top Billin remix)
Top Billin - Hoes & House
Sharkslayer - Fleshlighter
Sharkslayer - Cold As Ice
DJ Pataässä - Sweat Gunz
Top Billin - Tell Your Girl To Juke It Up
DJ J-Laini - Fuck N Tell
Candyman & Leatherface - Ultimate Feeling

Aight then Germany... It's on.


alex said...

Oh Man, I wish I knew!

I am actually from Cologne but still. You got to check out Solebox, germanys nicest sneaker store. Your host will tell you. Club wise you might enjoy the Tape.

Hope we can bring you to cologne someday, we have a monthly night here.(

Enjoy your trip!!!


Miss Toats said...

dj wool is the best. yr gonna have so much fun. the germans kill it!

S. said...

internal mode and kind of drunk too... at least one of us lol.

gregory acid girls said...

dude, glad you're having a great time! arveene is a rad dj, cool you're playing with him. bring that mike b touch. say hello to leo for us!

Jerome Baker III said...

I tried to DL the first link and divshare keeps saying its broken or something.

I caught you spinning @ the dubfrequency party in Vegas...dope shit as usual!

DJ Doug Collins said...

Loved the live set Mike. Even in internal mode, the groove is still very heavy. And I'm dying for a tracklist on those dancehall tracks. Especially the one at 5:20. Sounds like an MIA track I haven't heard before. It's some great stuff. Have fun in Europe!

DJ Doug Collins said...
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(thee) Mike B said...

Track at 5:20 is Santogold -Say Aha (Tepr Remix)