Saturday, May 23, 2009

(thee) B-Day Weekend Recapitulation 2009 (+ Cosmo and I Live at The Do Over)

This year was a good one. It's been tough in many ways but I'm thankful for all my friends and all the good times I've been having all over the world. Let's keep it going.

MORE ON THE FLOOR was sick!!!!

Thanks to Sean Donson for our tite logo.

To Pubes, More On The Floor means get on the roof.

Haycock was livin the dream.

the MOTF crew (Me, Danny United, Nate Day and Tony K. Not pictured, Chris Haycock)

Cosmo absolutely smashed it.

Ever since I first met Cosmo I've wanted to collaborate with him in some way. At this years WMC we came up with the brilliant idea to play together at the opening of Do Over (though Blu Jemz suggested it on TTL radio back in October on some Nostradamus shit.) It came together quite nicely, pause.

Every year, the first Do Over is the craziest line in Hollywood.

How we do!

Sit down Waldo!

So finally, with no furthur ado... here it is:

DL: Cosmo Baker vs (thee) Mike B Live At The Do Over

Til next year... B-crest out.


turbophenix said...

nice mix what about a playlist

Neoteric said...

amazing! Thanks homie - for this, and being a huge inspiration! glad your birthday was real ticey. Pic of Waldo for the major win!

Oliver said...

That mix is really something special! Toast to the best of everything in the year ahead!

Jerome said...

HELL YEA! Been waiting on this since I saw you first post something about it.

Good shit.

The Do-Over said...

SEXFACE said...

MIKE B your up to the minute LA coverage makes me nostalgic for the city of angels. Keep the fire!

Crash Landon said...

Really dope stuff. Where is that Focus Lakers remix from? Crazy ill shit!