Sunday, December 20, 2009

Top Kat - Feel Cool (Long Mix)

Top Kat - 1996

This was the jam of all jams at LA raves circa 96. People would flip out for the epic narrated breakdown. I first heard it on Jason Blakemore's ACID HOUSE 96 mixtape. Track 1, side A. But all the big LA jocks used to play it: Jesse Brooks, Eric Davenport, Danny Cosmo, Jimmy, Thomas Michael, Mojo, you name it. Me and my rave crew used it as a 'get hype for the night out' track on many occasions. So here it is, the xmas gift you didn't know you wanted... That ill Canadian progressive house for yo ass!

DL: Top Kat - Feel Cool (Long Mix)

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Eric EQ said...

Just found this post yesterday. Amazing track! Been looking for a digital copy forever. Any chance of possibly re-encoding? This one is pretty fuzzy - not sure if it was recorded too loud or if the record is just worn out. Feel free to hit me up privately. Again, thanks for posting this amazing piece of house history.