Thursday, April 22, 2010

DJ Morse Code - The Break Up Of 1901

So a couple months back in the Red Bull Three Style Battle at Playhouse my main man Morse Code showed us all how dope of a DJ he really is. He won that contest by 100 miles that day.
For me, and many others, the stand out moment of the set was when he did a live blend of Phoenix's 1901 acapella over Mario's 'Break Up'. He had the whole club (maybe 1000 peeps) going bonkers for that shit. He and I got in the studio to replicate the blend so people could listen to it, and lesser DJ's, such as myself, can play that shit! It's been killing it in the clubs for me and Morse recently put it up on his soundcloud so snatch that shit up!

The Break Up Of 1901 by djmorsecode