Friday, July 30, 2010

Riva Starr - Back To the Bass

I rarely post people I don't know's mixes around here. But the thing is, it's been years since I've heard a dance DJ mix I liked this much. You know, that old school shit where I hit the stores in search of nearly every track played.
It's not even that new, in fact, I've been running it for months. But I can't stop listening to it and felt the need to spread the word.
I'll admit, I've only passively been a fan of Riva Starr. Over the years I've played a handful of remixes and tracks , but I never really was paying full attention. Well, I've started. I know I'm a lil behind here as he's been headlining gigs all around the world and gracing magazine covers. None of that matter though, because this mix is a banger start to finish. It takes me back to the cassettes I used to buy at raves. Solid vibe throughout and full stoney bass biz. At one point it even goes D+B on you with a stellar Marky remix of Claude Vonstroke.



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