Thursday, August 19, 2010

Turntable Lab's Secret Hangout vol 2. feat Bourne Toulouse

Secret Hangout Vol.2

Vol.2 of the Secret Hangout comp is available starting today. Featuring your favorite Lab characters, this release offers you a glimpse into the twisted musical thought processes of these urban low-lives. the best part...

not to be on our own, but damn, the music is incredible. as a whole, you just don't see a selection like this anywhere: original cosmic boogie tracks, dj edits, late night studio concoctions, and general weirdness... so hit up the local dispensary and get lost in the Secret Hangout!

to download...
1) go to
2) go to cart, click redeem promo code and enter "newfriend"
3) checkout and voila! no purchase necessary!
note: you must create an account to download.

ps. Vol.3 is ready to go and will be released in September.

Blu Jemz (Money Studies, TTL)
Michna (Ghostly, TTL) remixing Phantogram (BBE)
Thee Mike B Presents Bourne Toulouse (TTL LA Fam)
CB Radio aka The Voice (TTL)
Snack & Cmish (TTL)
Sabo (TTL / Sol Selectas)
Ayres & Steve Starks (T & A / The Rub)
Cosmo Baker (The Rub)
sTERRYo (Low Tech Music / Da Hardy Boyz)

For the abbreviated DJ sets here's the Radio Edit of my track from the compilation:
(thee) Mike B presents Bourne Toulouse - My Fantasy - Radio Edit by theemikeb

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DJ SORCE-1 said...

Hey Mike,
The B Side for Geo Roc's Queens Get The Money is re-upped and seems to be working fine now. Let me know if you have any more issues dling it.