Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pools VS BIG - Can I Get Wetcha

Once again it's March 9th. The anniversary of the assassination of The Notorious BIG, who in my opinion is one of, if not the best rapper of all time.
I've avoided doing Biggie blends and remixes for a long time out of fear of not doing the verses justice. However, I'm really proud of what Morse Code and I have done here.
A funky break, some bumpin bass and some very ill BIG verses, not to mention some studio out take moments that we built the beat around, as opposed to cutting out.
It's 84 degrees in LA today. But wherever you may be, no matter how cold, let Pools and Biggie take you to where you wanna go (as long as it's not Kokomo, that wasn't part of deal.)

Pools VS BIG by poolsmusic

Also, we'll be doing a Tribute party at Wildlife at the Short Stop tonight so if you're in town come hear some deep BIG cuts.

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