Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Swimming With Sharks - Sharkwaves Vol. 1 (w/ new POOLS!)

Scion A/V is proud to sponsor MFG’s new summer party series, Swimming With Sharks, a poolside party with the unbeatable vibe of Los Angeles and New York City’s club scene. MFG Productions and Scion introduce its new summer party series, Swimming With Sharks, a poolside party with the unbeatable vibe of LA and NYC's club scene. To heighten the summer excitement Scion A/V and Swimming With Sharks is offering a stimulating summer soundtrack EP with original tracks from Cosmic Kids, LOL Boys, Pools, Superhumanoids, Poolside, and more!


The Swimming With Sharks crew knows that pool parties won't go out of style as long as water stays wet. They've quickly made a name for themselves with regular weekend shindigs at hotel pools in Los Angeles, and this year they've expanded to New York City. Now Swimming With Sharks, in partnership with Scion A/V, is putting out its first release, Sharkwaves Volume 1. It's a collection of largely slow, spacey and tropical disco that perfectly encapsulates both the vibe of the Swimming With Sharks parties and an emerging group of California dance music producers that create music made for soaking up the sun. Put your shades on and remember, no horseplay in the pool! Well, not too much horseplay.

1. Poolside, "Do You Believe (Amen Brother Remix)"
Poolside's "Do You Believe" has already established itself as an essential summer 2011 jammer, and here newcomers Amen Brother remix the LA duo. Poolside asks an earnest question, "Do you believe we have what it takes?" We have suntan lotion. We have cold drinks. And now we have blithe grooves and this tune stuck in our head. So yes, we believe we have what it takes.

2. Cosmic Kids, "Reginald's Groove (M/B remix)"
"Reginald's Groove" by Cosmic Kids gets remixed by M/B, the new disco arm of Acid Girls. With its insistent bassline and multi-layered composition, the results are a bit more jacking than the other tracks here, but it's still mellow enough to get serious spins during daylight hours.

3. Pools, "Mervin's Emerging Urgency"
Pools, a new group comprised of DJ Morse Code and (Thee) Mike B, makes deluxe drifting music. It's the kind of stuff you want to hear when lounging on one of those plush water rafts with built in cup holders. A buoyant bassline and steady beat keeps this effervescent banger afloat, while the dubbed out effects wash over you like the aftermath of your Uncle Larry's atomic cannonball.

Mervin's Emerging Urgency by Pools Sound

4. LOL Boys, "Porteils"
Already a gurgling, aquatic track, at the three-minute mark, LOL Boy's "Porteils" gets fully submerged in the deep end. When it resurfaces almost a minute letter, the syncopated guitar riff, handclaps and gently phased bass all pop open like a pool deck's umbrella, offering some much needed shade, plus the comfort to dive back in whenever you're ready. Take the plunge.

5. Superhumanoids – Mirrors (Cosmic Kids Remix)
To close out Sharkwaves Volume 1, Cosmic Kids remix their LA brethren Superhumanoids' majestic anthem "Mirrors." Cosmic Kids remove the shades of gray from the original to reveal a lush palette of pastels. Big synths and the dulcet tones of lead singer Sarah Chernoff practically leap out of the speakers. And the chorus is the kind of kiss that leaves you praying for an endless summer.

Scion A/V Presents: Swimming With Sharks by ScionAV

July 16
Downtown Los Angeles, CA
(The Standard Downtown)

July 30
Downtown Los Angeles, CA
(The Standard Downtown)

August 6
NY, NY Le Bain
(The Standard)

August 13
Downtown Los Angeles, CA
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August 27
Downtown Los Angeles, CA
(The Standard Downtown)

September 3
NY, NY Le Bain
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