Tuesday, April 8, 2014

POOLS ... innertubes (FULL LENGTH LP)

Since the Spring of 2011, POOLS have set the tone for the season with their Paradise DJ mixes. This year, the buoyant duo bring you: INNERTUBES 20 brand new, original beats with that patented POOLS vibe. “Loving it… This is killer. Bravo.” - Greg Dulli (Afgan Whigs) “excellent !!!” - Garth Trinidad (KCRW) "An extraordinary work of pure genius from the gods of summer!" - Omar Doom (STRAIGHT RAZOR/ Inglourious Basterds) “Been bumping this in the office and everyone diggin it!” - Jamie Strong (Innovative leisure / The Do-Over) “fucking killer. Great work!” - Goddollars (A Club Called Rhonda) “Go get it! Crazy drums mayne. Keeping them tubes floatin!” - J-Boogie "Scaaaalding, as expected!" - Jeremy Sole (KCRW / theLIFT) “Yes, just in time for Coachella!!!” - Turbotito (Poolside)

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