Monday, July 23, 2007


Dudes... The concert was amazing. I danced like a 14 year old raver girl who was candy flipping for the first time, then I poured a bottle of rum on my head.
But from there, it was time for Pube$, Blu Jemz, Dark Alley & I's DAFTERPARTY.

Check out our guest list! (Yes, this is real, they were all there. Catch the vapors.)

My Set was 20 minutes of House & Disco glory! Kinda wish I'd recorded it.

Here are some flicks from the party by Dark Alley.
Franki Chan's armpit set it off!!!

Sweaty Jemz and filthy Pube$. Eww.

Dark Alley, who was drinking tequila, with Curtis Vodka, who is holding scotch.

Some sort of strange Sparks fueled formation in the DJ booth.

Be sure to peep The Arab Parrot's breakdown as well... his pictures say a million words that you can't even pronounce!

Then check out some more dope pics taken by homie Glen

You can also take Cobrasnake's VIP Tour if thats how you like it.


seandonson said...

That was super extra retarded fun. I cant believe we get to do it all (drumroll) one more time?

Mike B said...


andrea macedo said...

gotta luv marvin gaye


Fucking blows that I couldn't rep at the party. And for the future, let's get some NO FLASH photos of the party...looks way better.

Mike B said...

I don't think you realise how dark this place was.


how darK

U-Tern said...

This weekend! I'm SO hype for this.

If you haven't had enough Daft check the "I Love Daft Punk" mix I did (80 minutes long!) on

Tons of rare joints and the bangers of course!