Tuesday, July 31, 2007

No Face - Hump Music

Great Jones - 1989

Sometimes you just gotta post some crap. This song is really hard to listen to if you're normal. Here's what the notes from Discogs say:Contains explicit, distasteful lyrics offensive to most
. Well stated.
"Dildo, break it on down."

No Face - Hump Music


seandonson said...

250 downloads and no one has anything to say about this shit? I think it scared them away. Its scary.

Medfly said...

this shit is the shit. I used to go to a New Wave dance club in Banksville NY in the late 80's/early 90's and the DJ would drop this in between Nitzer Ebb and The Cure and it no one would flinch. if anything more people came to dance.

Eric said...

link is now dead, file has been removed. I have been looking for this one for a long time

Eric said...

the link is dead. file was removed. if you can re-post it. thanks.