Sunday, February 10, 2008

Trident's Wax Chronicles pt. 2 : The Legend Of Curly's Gold

Here's another trip down memory lane from the king of rave wax... DJ TRIDENT. He really brought his A game to the table here. 3 big time bangerinos fo sho. The Son Of Cheeky Boy is a super rare jem that I'm quite happy to see posted! Enjoy:

1. Leftfield featuring Djum Djum - Afro Ride (1995)

This track is from the Afro-left EP (Hard Hands 23T) and was my first introduction to Leftfield. It was the first song on a DJ Liquid (of Journees not Liquid Todd) mixtape from back in the day (It had clouds on the cover. I think it was called Acidic 2?). Djum Djum kills it on this one whatever the hell he's saying. The changeup at 6:00 is everything I love about House. So simple yet so dope. I had to Gemm this one for a ridiculous (read Dutch) amount, but it was well worth it to hold down the memories. Googlage shows this song is featured on a 1995 video game called Wipeout for Playstation and Sega Saturn. Hmmm.

2. Son of a Cheeky Boy - Ya Don't Stop (1997)

Got this at Beat NonStop back in the day. Dude was playing it up in the store decks and I was blown away and had to have it. I had no idea it was Fatboy Slim until years later. Funky, breaky, and awesome party track. Went really well with "What We're Gonna Do Right Here Is Go Back" off the Bassbin Twins' School Party Traxx record. I'm having flashbacks. I think I see Jeeesus.

3. Basco - Can't Get Enough (I/P Adventure Remix) (1997)

This track was so sick to me back in the day. I got it at Primal Records in Berkeley, CA which had a great music selection. Basco's huge tune that put me onto them was The Beat is Over (Everything's Going to the Beat) on Sm:)e which delivered bass so dope that it made you want to crawl into the cabinet and build a fort. This one's pretty slow so I always jacked it up to +8 for party mixing. Daftian in its galactic essence, yet spooky on the palette. I have no idea who or what I/P Adventure is.


DJKL said...

Hey Mike I been trying to digitise that Armand DJ tape I have here but I can't get it sorted. If you want to send me your snail mail I will send it to you and you can have a go. If you succeed I'd love an mp3, if you don't then at least you heard it! djkl[at]

matt said...

daft punk's early single "musique" was on the wipeout soundtrack too. That shit was hot. Thanks for the ill tunes as always

Brik Mason said...

Thats cool. Still a newbie so that is a cool track. thanks.

Anonymous said...

daaaamn dude spent hours on wipeout back in the day and it all was brought back by that leftfield track.
thanks so much for this

Phil said...

"Everything is Going to the Beat" by Basco - yeah - what a drop. All bongos....then BAM!!!! Any chance of posting?