Thursday, February 21, 2008

Planet Soul - Set U Free (Fever Mix)

Strictly Rhythm - 1995

Some super classic cheese right here. Sure to get the all the hainas moving and the ese's grooving. This shit has one of the most epic breakdowns of all time. Unfortunately , it's a great big build up to nothing, and then the beat switches up to this dismal house thing in a completely different key. But it's not about the destination folks, it's all in the journey.

Planet Soul - Set U Free (Fever Mix)


Jerome said...

This is an absolute Arizona BANGER!!! Classic is an understatement. It used to get burn on the radio, clubs, high school dances.

Is this considered house and/or rave/techno?

Shawn Ryan said...

Mike, your blog is top notch. Thanks for the knowledge. I posted a few other mixes of this track here:

The Mars Mix is the truth.

Cobrizzel said...

Why are you giving up the goods? Damn it man!!!

Anonymous said...

somebody have the acapella version?

Planet Soul - Set U Free acapella? :D


sakaze said...

You made my day Mike! Been searching high and low for this track.

dubbel dutch said...

noice. beatport us refuses to sell this. im resorting to hostile measures.