Thursday, March 6, 2008

UFG (I Heart Series pt. 6)

UFG, which stands for "Up For Grabs", was a really dope label from Manchester in the early to mid 90's which yielded several "hits" in the house/rave/breaks scene. Ran by Danny Hibrid & Mike E-Bloc, who produced under the names Direckt, E-Lustrious, Rollin' Gear & others; they were known for some happy ass funky jams. Here's some key tuneage:

E-Lustrious - On The Ragga Tip (Instrumental) [1992]
I recorded this one a lil slower, like how it is on Jason Blakemore's "West Coast Energy 3" as well as that awesome Knish mix we did for These Rocks Pop.

Direckt - Two Fatt Guitars [1993]
As featured on some old Garth mixtape. I forget which one.

Rollin Gear - Backbone Slide [1993]
Eric Davenport used to drop it, and he's got great taste.

UFG Soundsystem - Bell-Tup [1996]
This is a very sought after track... featured on many big mixes from that time, I've seen this vinyl go for $100+ and mine didn't come cheap either.

Rollin' Gear - I, I Know (Funk Mix)[1996]
This was a huge anthem out here, heavy rotation particularly by Jason Blakemore and Jesse Brooks.


Anonymous said...

Wow im feeling blessed today - Happy easter to me! Thanks for these Mike. For the record, that 2 Fatt Guitars used to be a "secret" weapon of mine. My brother and I used to try to track down every tune we didnt have from Garth & Jeno mixes. It took us alot of time and money to find all (most) of the joints on "Bang The Drum". Im sure you can relate.

Thanks again

(thee) Mike B said...

Hell yeeah homie! I know exactly how that is. Glad somebody feels the quest!

Ben (London)(...ish) said...

I played the "Beat Tip" mix of that E-Lustrious tune over, under and into just about every track I bought for about three years running! It's so effortlessly perfect - and it's just a beat! Is there any change you could upload that version? Then I'd be able to interfere with a whole generation of new records! And that would make me very happy.

Hunkthedrunk said...