Friday, June 20, 2008

A Double Dose Of Braxton Holmes

I don't know a ton about Mr. Braxton Holmes other than I really like every record I have by him and his remix of Cheek's Sunshine People is timeless.

Braxton Holmes & Mark Grant - Psychotic Pimpin' [Cajual - 1997]
This track from The Revival EP, which is amazing in it's entirety, is funky as funk gets... I'd been looking for it forever and finally found it in the classics bin at Tweekin' when I was in SF last summer.

Cabrini-Greens & Cornbread - Why You Tryin' To Hustle Me?[Cajual - 1997]
This one, co-produced by Dewey B. is from the Cabrini Greens & Cornbread EP. Also great and well worth owning. I can't help but feel groovy every time I hear this shit... I was really excited to find it in a box of records I recently took out of my storage space. It was full of all my mid-90's Chicago tracks so expect lots more of that coming soon.

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