Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Orbital - Impact USA

FFRR - 1993

Since I haven't posted a track in a minute, I figured I'd post a really long one (pause), standing proud at 11 minutes and 20 seconds.
I forget the name name of the rave I first heard this at... something like Magic Wonderland, all I remember was that it had a Disney related name. The party wasn't that great, but I remember hearing a lot of crazy tracks for the first time that night. Jesse Brooks played this particular one and I remember talking to my bro Toby about how fucking cool I thought it was. I saw that the record had an FFRR sleeve. The next day I was at a record store with Donson (who just made an incredible mix you need to check out) and I grabbed this very record off the wall. "I know that track," he said "it's not the one you're looking for." Liar. I went ahead and placed it back on the shelf. I spent the next few years listening to every FFRR record I ever came across and boy do they ever have a massive catalog of crap. Anyways... when Amoeba first opened it was up on the wall and I just knew it had to be it. Sure enough, 'twas. Now get your trance breaks on!

Orbital - Impact USA


seandonson said...

Magic Kingdom?

Dude, I knew that was the record. I just thought if you looked for it for years it would be THAT MUCH better y'know?

(thee) Mike B said...

Ohhhh... You sent me on a wonderful journey. Thanks. Magic Kindom sounds right... Remember how far that shit was?

seandonson said...

No idea. Was that the one in the Mexican restaraunt in San Bernadino?

steve said...

FFRR has a huge back catalogue of dodgy tunes because Pete Tong was their A&R for most of their lifespan. And he still gets kudos as a tastemaker. Sometimes life just ain't fair!

Jesse said...

How weird is it that I got to your post??? I was looking for a digital copy of this track because I'm not sure if I even have the records any more. Things seem to disappear through the years. Any how... Thanks
Jesse Brooks

Jesse said...
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