Tuesday, January 19, 2010

RIP Killa Sha

Killa Sha and Tragedy at NV, NYC, 2001

I just heard unfortunate news via my man DJ Soul... He told me that my man Killa Sha had passed in his sleep last night. Apparently he had been ill.
I met Sha around 1999-2000. He rolled with Tragedy and they used to come down to Stretch's studio all the time. For a little bit Sha was an on-air personality on Stretch's XL Radio. He used to come to see me at Cheetah every Friday and I'd lace him with drink tickets and we'd smoke mad blunts in the booth.
Last time I saw him he was in LA with Large Professor and said they were working on music together. Hopefully we'll get to hear some of that music sometime soon.

Til then I dug up my favorite track of Sha's. It's from this old Tragedy promo called 'Dirty Blood'. He really did his thing on this beat.

DL:Tragedy Khadafi ft Killa Sha and Headrush Napoleon - Write Ya Own Shit - Freestyle

Respect to all of his family and loved one's.
He will be missed.


Cropsy said...

this post is ill homie

Cropsy said...

this post is the shit homie