Monday, January 11, 2010

Talkin Bout Camo UFOs...

So Camo UFOs... You may have heard about it, but you haven't. Here's the score:

Both lover's of old school UK Drum & Bass and Hardcore, Nate Day & I formed the alliance Camo UFOs.
Up late in the studio one night we put together a '94 style Jungle remix for Major Lazer’s hit PON DE FLOOR. The next day we sent it to Diplo, who liked it so much he decided to make it an official remix and release it, soon! Within a week it was getting played on BBC Radio One by Annie Mac and getting club play all over the world. We were pretty hype..

We then did an official remix for The Count and Sinden’s MEGA on Fool’s Gold.
You can snatch that up at RCRDLBL.

We were stoked to see the MEGA remix got played by even more dope dj's including Toddla T on his BBC IN NEW DJ’s WE TRUST show.

We've since done official remixes for MIKE POSNER (J Records/RCA), DA HARDY BOYS (Money Studies) and NOUVEAU YORICAN (Sound Pellegrino), which is the newest project from Laidback Luke and Gina Turner!

We've also rocked a couple DJ sets... with many more coming soon.

This is how we roll to our gigs:

We made a mixtape... I gotta say. It's the best mixtape of the decade so far.

You can DL that courtesy of Media Contender

Camo UFOs - Lighta! Vol. 1: Bludclott Jungle Tekno


The Lighter/ Original Ses/ Bludclot Artattack
DJ Tactix – The Way
Skeng Gee - Connections (Marvelous Cain Remix)
Conquering Lion - Code Red (Wild Apachi Mix)
DJ Krome & Mr. Time – Studio One Lick
In Between The Lines - '95 Rampage
Dr Octagon – Blue Flowers (The DJ Hype Remix)
Remarc – In Da Hood
DJ Red - Mad P.L.O
Lemon D – This Is Los Angeles
Shy FX & Gunsmoke - Gangsta Kid II
Mickey Finn & Aphrodite - A.W.O.L. (VIP mix)
Sophisticated Bad Boyz - All Junglist & Junglette
Ninja & Bounty Killer - Bad Boy Lick A New Shot (Jungle Bullet)
Prizna feat Demolition Man - Fire (Urban Shakedown Mix)
Mystical Influence - Dub Plate Pressure
Krinjah - Blaze Up
Major Lazer - Pon De Floor (Camo UFOs Remix)
Roni Size – Trust Me
J Majik – Jim Kutta
4 Hero - Mr. Kirk's Nightmare (4 Hero's '96 Drum + Bass Mix)
88.3 Featuring Lisa May - Wishing On A Star (Urban Shakedown Mix)
Double X-Posure - Go With The Flow
Wots My Code – The Dub Plate
DMS & The Boneman X – Sweet Vibrations
M-Beat & Junior Giscombe - Morning Will Come
Leviticus - The Burial
Sweetie Irie – Slim Body Girls
M-Beat ft General Levy – Incredible (Underground Mix)
Johnny Jungle - Killa Sound (Krome and Time Remix)
The Dream Team - Stamina (Dread Bass Remix)
Northern Connexion – The Bounce

The grand homie Paul Devro posted it up at Mad Decent as well. Big, big shout MAD DECENT!


Remarc - In Da Hood (Camo UFOs Lighta! Edit)

and if you see me around... hit me up for a LIGHTA!

To Be Continued...

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-=MEANMUGG=- said...

dewd.. all i gotta say is this is way over do and this shit is way fucking dope!! one of my fav mix tapes right now! - i used to work for Rawkus in the 90s and we promoted the Rawkuts shit too and we worked the pish posh shit and a couple other joints and this shit just made me feel madd young again i been telling myself i need to download some old jungle shit. so i can start throwing it in my sets, then BAM! you beat me to it! alsoo.. whats a muthafucka gotta dew to get that pon De Floor - Remix??? hmmm? mike?? holla @ me! hope all is well wit ya pimp!!