Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chuck Stanley - Jammin' To The Bells (Remix)

Def Jam - 1987

Summer is here and the vibes are good in Los Angeles. Lots of friends coming in and out of town, good parties and lots of pools. Pools are my shit. I try to spend as much of my summer chilling in pools as possible. I even have a Pool Crew! Shout to Blu Jemz, the CEO of the crew. Nice having you in town. Also a shout to Morse Code and the Tice Mansion posse... Socks N Sandals RIP.
The point is, I end up using the iPod a lot more in the summertime and creating schmoove poolside playlists. This jam right here is straight pool shit to me, plus my previous Chuck Stanley post was pretty popular.

Chuck Stanley - Jammin' To The Bells (Remix)

*as always, this is ripped from my personal record collection.

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Shawn Ryan said...

This track is smoooooooth. Thanks Mike!