Saturday, January 26, 2008

Chuck Stanley - The Finer Things In Life

Def Jam - 1987

I went record shopping with Blu Jemz & Dark Alley the other day. I was hyped because I hadn't done so in months due to the move; the boxes of unpacked records, no turntable set up, etc. I thought buying a bunch of new shit would motivate me. It was true. I'm now fully back in effect and I have some real gold coming to you in the near future, but back the story.
We were digging around in the used R&B section (duh) and I saw a Def Jam record that I was unfamiliar with by Chuck Stanley. It was only $1.99 and produced by Vincent Bell* who did all the Oran "Juice" Jones stuff so I figured it was well worth a shot. Now, I may be in the minority here, but I really love that Fabolous single Baby Don't Go. I feel like it has this old 80's Run-DMC feel and I even play it out sometimes. People look at me weird... but I digress.
The point is, that beat is completely lifted from this. Jermaine Dupri literally did nothing. It's just a straight loop. Plus, this track is actually pretty rad. I mean, Chuck ain't no Luther Vandross, but on some 80's r&b shit, this bangs and you can do that thing where you make girls think you're gonna play "their favorite song" but it's just the sample. Yay for bumming people out.

Chuck Stanley - The Finer Things In Life

*This dude has the illest discography. Joints for Stesasonic, Neneh Cherry, Hi-Five, Danii Minogue and he even played the Bellzouki on Bob Dylan's 1975 album Desire.



"Jermaine Dupri literally did nothing."

yes of course.

DJ K2 said...

xactly the same way I picked this 12" a few years back LOL

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heatrock said...

músicas de boa qualidade e bom gosto

DJ. Roberto Andrade "Kiko"

Music Charme Love

LarryLar said...

Thanks for the share

Arthur King said...

Damn I love the Fabolous song too and I can't believe that's a sample! thx!