Sunday, January 7, 2007

The Knish Hit Squad (Mike B & DJ Trident) - U4EA

Fans of 90210 will be hyphy off of this one. DJ Trident and I have taken the narrative of the best 90210 episode ever - U4EA. It's the one where Emily Valentine takes everyone to the rave. They "exchange an egg" and Emily slips u4ea into Brandon's drink.
We chopped up the dialog over a BMore flip we did of Modjo's "Lady." I know, it's alot to digest. But to quote Dru Down, "Can You Feel Me?"
.zip also includes the Sanders-trumental version which is way club friendly and mashupable.


The Knish Hit Squad - U4EA (+ The Sanders-trumental Version)

And please feel free to snatch some other mashes from Trident at his spot
Feed Me Bass


seandonson said...

Super awesome even though i have yet to exerience this legendary episode. In a cosmic coincidence I am watching 90210 as i type this. Jess got the dvds 4 xmas.

seandonson said...

So much better the second time around too. Hilarious. Bangin too.

Mike B said...

Jeah!!!!!! Those dvd's are crucial.

Omar said...

awwww shhhhhhhhiiiiiiiii........t

brian said...

Yo! Any chance you can re-up the 90210 track?