Monday, September 10, 2007

George Michael - Freedom (Back To Reality Mix)

Columbia - 1990

Here's one for my homie Emz. Many summers back, while I was djing a party, he came up to me and said "play the Jazzie B. remix of Freedom." I was like "Jazzie B Mix?" He said "yeah, it's the a-side on the Freedom 12 inch!" I'd owned the record since 1990, but I'd always just played the original which was on the b-side.
Though Jazzie B and Caron Wheeler get writng credits (due to the interpolation of Back 2 Life), George himself is credited with being the producer and remixer. I sent a message to Jazzie on myspace, but have not heard back yet.(If anyone knows anymore about this, please leave a comment.) I didn't play it that night and Emz actually got really angry at me on some I thought we were friends type shit, so now I'm doing a whole post, I hope that makes up for it.
Also, this song is even better than a DMX video for hyping both gays guys and hip-hop kids.

George Michael - Freedom (Back To Reality Mix)

***for further Soul II Soul fun... DJ Soul ask's What You Know ABout Caron Wheeler?

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