Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Epic - 2001

The B-Side to the original promo version of the track Flowers. Both tracks were amazing and neither ended up on the album due to sample clearance issues, leaving Bulletproof Wallets feeling a little flat, save for some Alchemist bangers. Ghost and Rae both demolish this track on some Cuban Linx caliber shit, unfortunately, very few people cared.

Ghostface Killah - The Watch ft Raekwon


DJ M.O.S. said...

This track got me amped for Ghosts album, was disappointed when it didn't make it, didn't Nas try to use the Barry White sample for no ideas original just to get that pulled to. The orginal flowers track was insane, the only copy of that I could find was a clue tape. You need to post that.

Mike B said...

Unfortunately, I don't post full 12"'s. However, it's not hard to locate one of these promos. I think they go for like $10.