Friday, September 7, 2007

None of my exes live in Texas...

On the plane ride to Dallas today, I did an edit of one of my favorite bass tracks. Wink D's - Get Busy (1989 - Insane Beat). It seemed like a good move seeing as she's from Texas. Maybe I'll play it tonight so people can throw oil and horse shoes at me. I dunno.

Wind D - Get Busy (MiKe B eDiT)

In other news ....

The Knish Hit Squad made an appearance on Blu Jemz's Turntable Lab Radio for Scion Broadband. We do a very random mix and interview and the other guest is Pase Rock!
Check It.
You just gotta scroll down the list of shows. It's all Flash so it's kinda hectic to navigate and there's no fast forwarding etc.

Also, I have a interview up. It's kinda hard to tell where the questions end and where the answers start but thanks to my main mang Oliver for conducting the interview and showing a lot of support.

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Anonymous said...

Yo Mike, post as the URL for the direct link and it will bring up the the TTL channel right away. Thanks for the B-side's, I check your sh*t (radio edit) daily.