Saturday, December 8, 2007

New Years Eve Of Destruction

San Francisco, I'll see you soon. Buy your tickets folks... I heard this one is selling out for sure.

****To clarify, I am not affiliated with Mad Decent. This is a typo. I was booked for the party by the good folks of Mad Decent and the promoters assumed I was affiliated. We all know what happens when you assume.

*******To double clarify, I think Mad Decent is a fuckin' sweet label and I applaud their contributions to the world of music.
Go buy some of that shit!


Glenjamn said...


Pint said...

this flyer says you reppin mad decent-la...did you get signed without telling anyone? jajajaja. keep doin yo thang.

Thee Mike B said...

yo Pint! I added an addendum to the post to clarify.

Prof. Rockwell said...

Ha! "New York" room