Wednesday, December 19, 2007

We're Having A Bashment Party

Another week goes by and I'm still not unpacked. I decided to have lengthy dig in my digitized vinyl playlist and at first glance, thought I couldn't do nothing for ya man. But then realized that maybe it was time to post up some shit that your everyday working DJ could actually play. I mean, old DJ Sneak rips and FYC dub versions are fresh and all, but how about some shit you could actually play at a club while people were there? Why not.
For those of you who used to see me play back in the "vinyl era", you know that I pride myself on my stellar collection of reggae bootlegs. I've ripped a lot of these to play out over the years and will now step all your collective reggae game up with a few choice jammy's from the arsenal.

First off, I Wayne's hit Can't Satisfy Her pon de Bad Boyz Riddim
Second is Cutty Rank's The Stopper over a reggae-fied Next Episode riddim, aptly titledThe Next Reggaesode.
Here is true club classic which can be played pretty much anytime anywhere:Real Reggae Love.
This next one is from one of my favorite reggae bootleg series, the Sound Klash Ammo series.Capleton - Tour (Sound Klash Ammo Re-Fix)
Here's yet another one over Bad Boyz which always goes over quite well. Though the beat is kinda too quiet, or the acapella is too loud or something.
This next one kills, and though I was never a huge fan of Jadakiss's Kiss Of Death, Cham just sounds really correct over this beat.
And finally, here's a nice one to mix in with your R&B set.


Neoteric said...

sooo dope, thanks for these

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andrea macedo said...

Merry Christmas to youuu Mikeeee
and a dope 2008!!!!

mafun said...

Thanx fi dis Mike,

Run di place!