Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Dark Skinned Assassin - Lock Shit Down 12"

Doe Loe Records 1995

Some very dope wanna-be WU action here. Peep my man's Raekwon impersonation... it's ill. I first heard Lock Shit Down on a DJ Tim (bay area) mixtape from summer 95 called The Nod Factor. It had a lot of ill shit on it but being that we were such WU fans at the time, me and my bro's really took to this one. Other songs surfaced on more mixtapes from later that year and this record got some decent run on Stretch & Bobbito. I decided about a month ago to finally just buy the record for $50 from some dude in Germany. Now you get it free!!! It's produced by RNS who did classic faux-WU joints for King Just, Pop Da Brown Hornet, GP WU, Gravediggaz and Shyheim as well as some b-sides for the UMC's first album.

You get:
Lock Shit Down (Raw Mix)
The Horror (Radio Mix)
Gotta Get The Creme (Raw Mix)

Dark Skinned Assassin "Lock Shit Down" 12"


Anonymous said...

50 $ roeflz,yuh got punked man -_x

Anonymous said...

far from a wanna be.Wu sort of adopted Darkskinned Assassin.That dude is the truth!!!