Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mysterme & DJ 20/20 - Unsolved Mysterme

Gee Street 1992

Some hi-quality early 90's Bay Area action. I remember this from the SMA skate video "Freedom Of Choice." Israel Forbes skated to it and it had me hype back then. It then came back into my life via a DJ A.Vee mixtape, "Back When It Took Skills"(1998). I got the actual record while diggin at Mondo Kim's on St. Marks in '99 for $1.99. Good deal methinks.

Mysterme & DJ 20/20 - Unsolved Mysterme

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monty jewelz said...

i came up on this cassette single back when it came out. real eclectical shit right here. except instead of mysterme & dj 20/20, it said something like "all-city" something or other. i don't know. "you use a con and you're dumb so I call you condom"