Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ahhhhh... Effervescence

RAL/Chaos - 1994

Nice and Smooth are easliy in my Top 5 rap groups of all time, no question. Evevn their lackluster 3rd album, from whence these tracks came, is a personal classic. SO when Sal Paradise came around asking for Blunts... I had to oblige. Here's both sides of the 12".

Nice & Smooth - Old to The New
Nice & Smooth - Blunts


Elwood said...

wow I forgot about this album! Wasnt there a track with Everlasting guesting and some serious power guitars?


dude can you PLEASE post that weird song with the "i wanna be your lover" sample with the african singin over it? they really lost their minds on that one but it's still kinda awesome

Count Drugula said...

whoa, that shit is nice. also, that scottie b mix blew my school open. but some might say that these things have a certain novelty quality for me because i've been talking shit about b-more until 2 months ago (i live to flip-flop).