Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Taking It To The 90's...

... both time and BPM wise.
I was digging through the N section of my rap records for a reason I can no longer remember and was happy to see a couple of my nerdy delights from back in the nine-what.

Natural Elements - 2 Tons
Tommy Boy Black Label - 1999

I heard Stretch play this on XL Radio, back when I had first met him, and asked him about it all excitedly. He was all: "whatever." I'm still pretty down and I still think Charlemagne is a way slept on producer.

Natural Resource - Bum Deal
Ekapa RPM - 1996

This was on every underground mixtape from 96... So dope. If not this song, than another one from the same 12". I first heard it on DJ Premier's 4 part Crooklyn Cuts mixtape. BTW, the female MC on this is Jean Grae, then known as What?What?.

New Kingdom - Good Times (Del Remix)
Gee Street - 1993

I remember that these guys album was advertised in Thrasher alot. Then I heard Good Times in a skate video... I liked it. One time at a record spot I found this 12", turns out Del did a Good Times remix. Kinda dope.



wow. you really just posted new kingdom. c'mon daddy!

andrea macedo said...

like that natural elements post
never heard them

Mike B said...


DJKL said...

They sound a bit like the Beastie Boys, or maybe the Beastie Boys sound a bit like them. There's even the guy with the raspy Yauch voice!

Anonymous said...

yo that natural resource joint was some fire, i forgot about that. one!

Hadrien said...

Discovered this blog right now, i fuckin dig the music around here, need more of these housy tunes for the summer, keep on, cheers from france.