Friday, May 4, 2007

This Sunday : B vs B

That's the flyer for this weeks Banana Split, I know, it's like a 10 year old girl's screen saver,but I have some insight for y'all...The big dogs are all out of town! And the homie DJ Spider is apparently now going to be in Barbedos or some such wonderful place. Which has left only two men standing: Baltimore DJ Legend Scottie B and myself. This is not some shit you wanna miss.
In honor of this event, I'm posting my favorite remix of Scottie's (which is one of my most super secret club weapons, well, until now.)

Bonde Do Role - Gasolina (Scottie B & King Tutt Remix)

Seriously, everytime I play this anywhere someone runs to the booth and asks about it. No joke. It's just funky as hell and has a rediculous party vibe.
You should also definitely buy the whole Bonde Do Role EP.
And don't forget to drop $$$ over at UNRULY ONLINE.

Here's something random:

Gwen Stefani feat Akon - The Sweet Escape Remix (Mike B's 130 edit)

So, I suppose I need to start hyping all of y'all up on this, as some of you (umm, Donson) need to plan a trip to LA. Much more to (pause)come on this party ...

I realize that Scottie is appearing at LAX first, but the bookings were made in reverse. Mistakes happen, flyers get made, life goes on.


Jerome said...

I need to get to LA ASAP!!

Sean Donson said...

I like unicorns.

Sean Donson said...

Is Banana Split on July 22? Cuz I'm ready.

andrea macedo said...

bonde do role is from my city here Curitiba.. nice shit i love them you should check it out also bonde das impostora