Thursday, May 24, 2007

Gotta Have House ... Music (Edits)

Last Sunday, in the set mentioned in the previous post, I played 2 relatively random house jams. Modjo's Music Takes You Back, a b-side from their self titled album from 2001, and DJ Sneak's Funky Rhythm from his 2004 LP, Housekeepin'.
I always thought they were both really cool tracks but never ever played em out until last week... Album versions man, not hype. Fading out all early n shit, fuck that. So I did some epic editing.
The Sneak joint is one of those dope-ass narrated house jams, where your host, in this case DJ Sneak himself, kinda talks you through the song. He says so many amazing things that I felt the need to accentuate.
The Modjo one is just an ill frenched out filtery disco death dancefloor deceptacon ... a totally unoticed gem buried deep in history of random pop-dance full lengths. I'm here to give it it's moment in the sun.
Feel the vibe, feel the vibe, feel the bass.

DJ Sneak - Funky Rhythm (B's Speaker People Edit)

Modjo - Music Takes You Back (Mike's Brie Edit)


Morganix said...

Thanks for sharing the edits mang. Modjo's full length had a couple of gems on it. Sad that project fizzled after just one album.

Sean Donson said...

Hot shit times two! Nice job man. 1400 downloads on that Sneak edit? Is that for real? Damn.

Mike B said...

i don;t know what that 1400 shit is about!!! gotta be a glitch in the matrix, or maybe it's just all about Sneak right now.

Anonymous said...

Sneak is truly a House Music icon, I remember watching him kill it at countless raves for hours. Bout time someone gave him some credit.

Charlie B said...

Hey Mike - nice edit dude, just came across your blog today

Pop in and say hi :)

Charlie B

andrea macedo said...

luv that sneak and modjo ;)