Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Bassment (To Make Mix Is Fun, Yes? pt 2)

Some of the most fun I had in NYC last week was had in a relatively empty bassment at 205 Chrystie. It was hot as fuck so nobody really wanted to hang down there except my homie Simon from Iceland and my main man DJ Duane. (Seriously dudes, thanks for staying.) The reason it was so fun was that the sound down there was just unbeleivable and the DJ set up is triple OG as well. I played so much shit I never get a chance to play and it was extra fun and sounded dope. I made this mix to commemorate that night and all the fun that was had. Thanks to The Bangers for having me as well as The Brothers Cartwright who came through and saved us all.

Mike B vs Dickie G - The Bassment (TMMIFYp2) (93min/128kbps)

BOC Productions – Fall In Love (Remix By Alan Braxe)
Lifelike – Discomachine
Teenage Bad Girl – Ghost House
Abe Duque ft Blake Baxter – What Happened
Equip – XXXO
Sebastien Leger – Goulden Moulden
Bart B More – Basement Beats
Isolee – Do Re Mi
Curtis Vodka – Black Apple (Le Freak Cow Bell Version)
Liquitek Pimps – Boogie Star
Fantom – Faithfull (Prassay Mix)
CZR – Chicago Southside
Jess & Crabbe – Carnival Time
Daft Punk – Around The World (i:cube remix)
Coco Steele & Lovebomb – Feel It
BOOOM! – Keep Pushin’ (Instrumental)
Lil Louis – Why’d You Fall?
Basement Jaxx – I’m From NY
Tiefschwarz ft Tracey Thorn - Damage (Tiefschwarz Dub Mix)



damn son, i was there for an hour!

Mike B said...

true... but I shout you out Konstantly!

Mike B said...

The real hero was S-County who roll with me the whole night!

seandonson said...

Nice dude. Its been a long time since I heard Boogie Star.

Pint said...

brothers cartwright in the building! that was a good night, as well as getting kicked out of lotus for smoking an L. mike bizzle always does it so big! downloading right now.

Haukur said...


thanks for everything!

Haukur from Iceland

Simon said...

Hey Mike..
just few words about the night..
205 - Great place it was so much fun there, the sound system was "Crazy" and that dj set you played was one of the best i have heard.. thanks again!