Wednesday, August 8, 2007


AV8 - 2002

Here's a lazy Weds B-Side for ya! One of my very own even. I haven't had time to rip anything new this week and you know I'm a gluton for bigging myself up. I made this as a b-side to my AV8 Blends 12". The a-side was a blend of Eminem's Without Me that I made to play for black people at Cheetah's and NV's. I loved that original when it came out but that beat was far too caucasian-style to play at any grimey NY spots. AV8 liked it and wanted to put it out as the first 12" in their Blends series (the green ones) but said they needed an equally timely and fresh blend for the b-side. I received the Special Delivery Remix 12" in the mail like that day or something and was so hyped to have something I could play at the club at that time that had Ghostface, Keith Murray & Craig Mack on it. So I put the acapella over whatever beats were crackin in the club that summer (anyone who was in NY that summer will agree with my choices.) The title for the 12" was supposed to be Dickie Greenleaf Blends, with the a-side being Without Me (The Trailer Park Girls Mix) and the b-side being Extra Special Delivery. Somehow, the entire thing came out titled Trailer Park Girls Mix. I believe they pressed like 1000 but I don't know where they all went because it's hard to come by. I think most of em went to Europe because whenever they come up on Gemm it's in Germany or Italy. I was only given like 10... but I murdered those test presses all summer. I still have my wrecked white labels. It was so dope to play my own shit. To date, this is still the only vinyl (of my own shit) that has been released. Peace to CL for the hook up.

Dickie Greenleaf - Extra Special Delivery ft. G-Dep, Ghostface, Craig Mack & Keith Murray

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Pint said...

yo you gave me one of these in '03 but side a was fucked and only could make it half way thru the track before skipping! still gots it tho.