Sunday, August 12, 2007

DJING... What it all comes down to.

You may have noticed a slowing in posts... Actually I know you noticed because my Stat Counter says my numbers are dipping crazy. Maybe it's the lack of posts, maybe it's because I posted Hump Music. Either way, It's all for the greater good. I've been playing out like a mufuckin machine. Like some 6 night a week shit for last six weeks. I'm tired and confused and compounding that with a nice relaxing trip to the city!

I've done a lot of surprisingly fun nights the last couple weeks, but Banana Split continues to be the party of the week for me. Last week, it was just me and Blu Jemz all night and it was Bananas (pun intended.) We had the party photographers on they shit!
Localites was in the house.
Kid Paparazzi is always in full effect.
and of course, everyone's favorite (thanks for the guest check!):

Speaking Of Banana Split
Tonight, it's on.

Set Times:
10pm Mike B
10:45 Steve Aoki
11:15 Ayres
12am Stretch Armstrong
1am ?uestlove

I think you wanna be there.


lloydski said...

stat counter? i think i need one of thos

Anonymous said...

basement jaxx is hotness

hope i get there in time for your set tonite


correction, i went last, and had a mighty swell time damaging the ceiling.